NTIA raise concers over escalation of illegal raves on upcoming bank holiday with imminent return of university students


The Night-Time Industries Association warns that a spike in illegal raves and parties over Bank Holiday weekend, with the imminent return of university students this Autumn will escalate an already increasing number of unregulated and unsafe events placing young people at risk.

Michael Kill, CEO of the Night-Time Industries Association says:

“Small house parties and raves have been bubbling under the surface of society for many years now, but lockdown has intensified this with young people searching for alternatives to late-night venues as they struggle to cope with continuing restrictions on their lives due to the pandemic.”

“Bank Holidays present a particular challenge but given the imminent re-introduction of student communities to University cities, and restrictions on the reopening of Nightclubs and venues, we are concerned that the freshers period will result in an eruption of illegal house parties and gatherings. This will create challenging times for police forces up and down the country”


“As the Night-Time Economy and events sector is unable to reopen to provide safe spaces for young people to express themselves, DIY alternatives are being organised, which are unregulated and may compromise young people’s safety. Previous illegal events have resulted in several serious incidents, but have continued to grow in popularity over the last few months.“

“Thousands of businesses remain closed and struggle to survive and protect the livelihoods of their staff while unsafe illegal events continue. The Government must consider safe options to allow the night-time economy and events sector to reopen to help combat the rise in illegal parties and raves across the country.”