New name and number for police/events intelligence


Managed by “just a few enthusiastic officers” on a voluntary basis and rebranded the National Events Intelligence and Operations Unit (EIOU), ‘Operation Gothic’ has been in events’ ear, to some extent, for three seasons.

Catching up with a cross section of event security/ policing companies 12 months after a similar appraisal, while all are aware of the initiative, only one knew about the new name. Co-founder Jill McCracken has left the police service too, so how is EIOU taking the changes and, more importantly, how’s it faring in the field?

Andrew Stevens, Director of Strategic Development at AP Security, is quick to applaud the thinking, and the people, behind the National Intelligence and Operations Unit. To make a real difference though, he says, venues and events need to feed the machine.

The full article can be found in the Festival Buyer’s Guide here.


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