Move from physical events to Channel Edge Online Events, quickly, easily and cost-effectively


Event organisers cancelling or postponing events are missing out on essential lead and revenue streams that their traditional physical events would have provided.

Channel Edge Online Events is here to help. Enabling event organisers to move their events online, whether agenda or kiosk based, this exciting new platform is easy to use, quick to launch and excellent value.

Rather than using cumbersome 3D environments, Channel Edge Online Events enables event organisers to create a clean, attendee-friendly experience.

That said, the platform goes beyond simply being able to host a collection of webinars and presentations – it also provides meeting room and virtual stand groups, one-to-one private chat, and many more practical features.


Channel Edge Online Events caters for a whole range of users – from the totally tech-savvy to the absolute beginner. That’s because, as a managed service, it offers complete peace of mind. You simply choose the model best suited to your event and supply your content via the simple online briefing form. It’s really easy – there are even content guides to help you focus your thoughts.

Whichever model you choose, there is a basic core of functions designed to suit most requirements. But if you need more features, such as paid registration, individual breakout sessions or virtual stand chat, live webinars, even structured chat bots, they are available as additional modules.

All events hosted on Channel Edge Online Events are fully responsive, carrying all the vital information for your event, such as agenda, speaker/vendor highlights and biographies, presentation and asset downloads, social interaction and private chat.

Finally, your online event has a much longer engagement span than a physical event. It is always available and never closed, so attendees can join whenever and as often as they like, to explore your content, services and products from virtual stands or meeting rooms. So, now’s the time to move to Channel Edge Online Events.

“Our clients are excited to continue critical customer engagement in our new digital venue. The flexibility, security and ease of use of our platform means clients can maintain professional events and keep delegates informed, entertained and rewarded. Agility and cost are key, this where we are getting the best feedback as our configurable venues represent excellent value for maximum ROI.”

Matthew Ruskin – Channel Edge

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