Mobile Event Apps to help move your event online


1. Mobile Event Apps to help move your event online

The world is thick with virtual meetings be it family, friends or firms. The latter, of course, is the focus here, so the tech, the apps, need to work even harder, even faster.

There’s no marked path to follow. Apps, from the likes of Eventmobi, Conference Compass, SpotMe and Cube-i, are much more than simply a facility that splits the screens according to participants. They are platforms for engagement and interaction, addressing perennial problems like maintaining focus, which can be hard enough in three dimensions.

The secret, or one of them, is ‘gamification’; on message activity challenges designed to keep the mind on the matters in hand.

We look at apps helping organisers plan, promote, monetise and stream engaging/and, crucially, interactive content online too and others that foster ‘delegate’, we can still call them that, interest through letting them ask, and take, questions of/from the floor.

It’s worth repeating, this kind of progress isn’t simply a dead-end response to coronavirus. It’s a bridge across that void into to fertile hybrid terrain on the other side.

Even held at a safe distance from audiences, event industry creativity is unstoppable. Watch out for a bigger than ever, reachable, canvas post-pandemic. 

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2. EventMobi launches The Virtual Event Space to help planners keep remote attendees and sponsors engaged

After weeks of sheltering in place and moving all of our personal and professional meetings online, event profs have seen firsthand how challenging it can be to keep remote attendees engaged in the face of video conferencing fatigue. With this in mind, EventMobi has taken the attendee engagement and gamification tools from their award-winning event app and integrated them into the new Virtual Event Space, part of an end-to-end virtual event solution designed to help organizers plan, promote, monetize and stream an engaging, interactive online or hybrid event experience. From event promotion and registration to fully managed virtual event production, the Eventmobi platform helps planners easily navigate the entire online event lifecycle.

For those that want to create simple, cost-effective online events quickly, the self-serve Virtual Event Space is accessible on any device and turns livestreams and pre-recorded content into engaging online sessions. This simple and intuitive platform allows attendees to easily access presentations and make valuable connections with other participants and sponsors. Planners can keep their audience engaged with live polls & surveys, raffles and gamification challenges, and create valuable 1:1 or group networking opportunities. The Virtual Event Space can also serve as a year-round c ommunity hub with content on demand available in between meetings.

When organizers need expert help creating a broadcast-quality virtual event experience, the EventMobi GoLive! Pro Services team can help with the design and execution of a truly immersive online conference or annual meeting. From strategy, video production and live support for speakers and attendees, to an array of sponsorship opportunities, engagement and video networking capabilities, EventMobi can help you turn remote attendees and sponsors into active participants.

EventMobi has been the trusted technology partner at 20,000+ events over the past ten years; learn more about the Virtual Event Space and GoLive! Professional Services here.

3. Adapting your event to virtual or planning a virtual or hybrid event Conference Compass has you covered

Conference Compass develops powerful association and event apps that serve events building and engaging their community. Whether you are adapting your event to virtual or planning a virtual or hybrid event from scratch, at Conference Compass you will find the solution that suits you best. Founded in 2011, it has continually proven to be an industry leader for high-quality mobile apps. Our clients are the largest medical and scientific societies worldwide who value our specialisation in their field and our commitment to offering not only the best possible app but truly engaging user experience as well.

In the last few months, COVID-19 has shaken the event industry to the core. Where everything in life goes virtual, we will move towards a hybrid future. At this time, it becomes more important to stay connected and to engage your audience. Whether your attendees gather in person or join remotely, they all belong to One Community. Our app offers the features to virtually bring this community together and provides them the opportunity to connect and share knowledge. Get in touch with your members anywhere and anytime; those at the venue or those at home; from their office to their couch; before, during, and after the event.

Our inclusive event app, a powerful 365 virtual platform, connects your live events, journals, and now also your hybrid and virtual activities. Choosing our virtual event platform for your virtual or hybrid events will give you and your sponsors the power to reach, expand, and engage audiences you may not otherwise have been able to connect with. 

4. Go beyond the one-way webinar and in-person replication of the virtual event platform

To succeed in the digital experience economy, you need to be able to deliver seamless and transformational experiences to your audience. SpotMe is the complete engagement platform that makes this easy.

With SpotMe Anywhere you can deliver live and on-demand content to your internal and external audiences, wherever they are. And our solution has everything you need to win, including registration, branded experience, live streaming, on-demand experience, breakouts, remote support (we even train your speakers) and our expert advice. And if you want, you can even plug in the live stream solution you already have.

So go beyond the one-way webinar and in-person replication of the virtual event platform. SpotMe Anywhere is the only solution that can help you build an engaged community for the long-term. We can do this with our engaging experience built around the home feed (like with LinkedIn or Facebook), activity challenge (a.k.a gamification) that works as the glue to keep your audience coming back for more and our networking experience with participant match and 1-1 and group chat.

We have been helping clients deliver digital experiences since 2017. SpotMe is a G2 leader and has consistently been an innovator and pioneer in the event industry since being founded in 2001. We help over 250+ clients from across the globe (including 80 Fortune 500), our solutions are used by over 2 million participants annually, and we have an app building community of over 3,600 users.

5. Increase audience engagement with Cube-i

What can we do?

The world has changed drastically over the past few weeks due to COVID-19 and the events industry has been hit particularly hard. We know that many of you are looking at web streaming as a viable option to talk to your audiences.

But how do you keep them engaged?

Cube-i’s online services allow you to increase audience engagement during your web stream by allowing them to ask questions, participate in votes and feedback. In addition, presentations can be uploaded to our apps to allow the audience to view them in advance. These can either be simple documents for them to read or pre-recorded videos of presentations.

Desktop versions of the app features Zoom integration to allow your delegates to full engage with the app and Zoom feed on the same page.

How we can help?

All our apps are controlled and built via simple to use backend tools, you can have your own app up and running in less than 15 minutes. If you would like additional support from one of our highly trained technicians, we can sit in on your web stream and look after all the interactive elements leaving you free to concentrate on the event itself.

Also, none of our apps include Facebook tracking, it doesn’t matter how difficult times get, privacy is still of utmost importance to your audience.

Please contact us for more information of the many solutions we have available to move your event online to continue to reach your audience.

For more information please call us on: 01604 419780

Or visit us at:

6. Virtual Event Platform by All In The Loop

All In The Loop’s Virtual Event Platform provides participants with a fully interactive, branded and secure networking environment, which is accessed via a branded iOS App, Android App & a secure link for Desktops/Laptops.

Key features include participant networking and matches based on custom criteria, meeting booking with video chat for virtual attendees and multi-track agendas with interactive live speaker video stream session management.

Live Session Streaming

  • Assigned Speakers broadcast themselves through the platform
  • Ability to have multiple speakers broadcasting as once
  • Screensharing presentations, videos and other assets
  • Abstract management and CME’s

Live Session Interaction

  • Live Questions and Answers which can be moderated
  • Open live discussion for general comments
  • Live Polling and viewable results to discuss on the live sessions

Virtual Networking

  • Face to Face virtual meetings direct through the platform
  • Smart matchmaking and filtering to help sponsors and attendees find the right people to connect with
  • Instant Messaging
  • Partnered Alerts

Sponsorship Opportunities/Virtual Exhibition

  • Virtual Exhibition space with Virtual “Booths” for each sponsor/exhibitor
  • Each Virtual Booth contains product videos, demos, PDFs and external links
  • Attendees can connect with Booth staff on the fly and instantly Video Call them on the platform for any questions
  • All booth visits are recorded in Analytics for follow up

All In The Loop offers a fully managed service creating a single branded digital touch point for your event facilitating networking and communications for all participants either onsite and or virtually.  No extra software or plugins to download, simply allow your camera/microphone and start broadcasting.

Learn more about All In The Loop for your next event –


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