Back pain is a common feature in many labour intensive industries such as events and construction. Crewsaders and the in-house practitioners from Colmore Health supports the 400 strong team to keep them fit for work.

Whilst back pain is not always caused at work, labouring may exacerbate back pain. Back pain is often discussed on site and some event technicians can be seen suffering in silence. However, the key element that needs to be emphasised is how pain can be managed.

Crewman often say ‘my back hurts, I must have slipped a disk’ to Geoff Gardner Crewsaders in-house chiropractor. Geoff explains that the spine is very robust. You can’t slip a disc easily. But you can herniate (the thick jelly substance in the disc can leak causing the disc to slightly deflate. But don’t worry it can happen to anyone. It’s a normal part of ageing, just like a wrinkle. It also doesn’t cause pain unless it pushes on a nerve. In this case see a specialist as soon as possible.

Back pain is not a damage indicator. Its an alarm that requires you to act and do something different. Pain can often be compared to a fire alarm. The alarm sounds to tell us something is wrong (we are in pain), but it doesn’t tell us if someone is smoking (is it a little bit of damage), or if the whole building is on fire (is it a lot of damage). It also doesn’t tell us where the problem is (where is pain coming from). Once you hear the alarm, then respond according to what you have been told – don’t carry heavy loads and watch the way you lift things, and see a specialist.


Exercise is recommended to strengthen back muscles. This may make it less likely to incur a back injury. Crewsaders calendar 2019 is all about exercise and strengthening your body. The crewman work hard on site and in the gym. If you would like a copy of the Crewsaders calendar 2019 and see how some of these exercises are done then email for your free copy.

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