A former employee of Mindy Weiss, a well-known celebrity event planner in Los Angeles, is suing her over racial discrimination, fraudulently misinterpreting her prospective pay and for wrongful termination, as reported by Yahoo.

Weiss has planned events for celebrities such as the Kardashian family including baby showers and birthday parties.

The former employer, Breanna Tyler, has claimed Weiss made inappropriate remarks regarding Tyler’s African-American descent, including comments about her dreadlocks and family home.

One incident involved Weiss inviting Tyler to an event at the Kardashians’ home, stating that her “people” would be there. Tyler took this to mean other African-Americans.


Tyler has claimed that Weiss also discriminated against prospective clients based on their race, with Weiss allegedly emailing the words, “Persian, no gracias”.

Additionally, Tyler has accused Weiss of employing her under false presentations of her expected salary. Her promised salary was $80,000 with 5% commission; however, this was soon lowered to $70,000 when she took the job.

Tyler has also claimed that she was wrongfully let go from the company when Weiss terminated her employment without due warning. 

Mindy Weiss has yet to comment on the allegations.

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