2018 has seen Meetoo awarded the prestigious Bett award for higher education services, as well as become the highest independently-rated Polling and Q&A app on the market. Rated number 1 for live Polling and Q&A and climbing to the 23rd highest rated software company globally by independent review site Trustpilot, customers can’t seem to say enough good things about their experiences.

Following 12 months of smaller releases and beta tests, on July 4th Meetoo completed its cross-platform update designed to offer unparalleled flexibility and functionality for meeting organisers and attendees alike.

Highlights include…

A choice of App’s designed to maximise audience adoption. Participants can be offered either a Web/HTML App OR native apps (iOS and Android), or both. Whatever suits the specific meeting and audience profile best. All apps feature an intuitive and elegant UI and new functionality. Designed to maximise engagement is the ability to answer, then minimise a live poll in order to continue completing a survey or add a question to the Q&A board.


PowerPoint polling to surpass the Clicker generation!! Additions to this flagship PowerPoint Add-in include Star Rating polls, instant Word Clouds and the ability to log in with your Microsoft Account with Single Sign on. Free to download and use and fully integrated within PowerPoint (not a web page, link or layer on top of a slide like other offerings) there’s absolutely no need to be switching or ‘alt/tabbing’ when things get interactive.

Instant content and reporting options to save time and demonstrate value. Meetoo already includes ready-made survey and question content within its control dashboard, offering a fast track solution to writing live polling and survey questions. It now offers the same when it comes to analysing and sharing outputs. In addition to downloading the detailed excel reports, users can now download results charts and Word Cloud images, perfect for sharing on social media or adding into stakeholder’s reports.

The end of switching screens. ‘Presentation View’ is currently a beta release and is a total game changer for the meeting organiser who wants to run their session from a single laptop without using any remote switchers, ALT/tabbing or PowerPoint. This single screen audience display not only shows the audience polling results and Q&A boards, but allows the presenter to manage polls and moderate Q&A from that same screen. Adding custom colours and logos, as with Meetoo’s apps, take just a few seconds. It’s still in its Beta phase, so there’s even more to come…

Peter Eyre MD for Meetoo shares…

‘Live polling and Q&A are mainstream now and at Meetoo we’re focussed on being the sharpest tool in this field for meeting and event organisers. We’ve REALLY listened to our incredibly engaged user base and focussed on their requests of second to none functionality, simplicity, flexibility and peace of mind that the platform will deliver for them. We’re proud of the results and would love to hear any more feedback as we continue this exciting evolution.’

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.