Jonas Event Technology launch EventData at JET Summit 2019


JET Summit 2019

On Wednesday 4th December, Jonas Event Technology held its very first customer summit. Taking place in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, JET welcomed a number of its clients for the official launch of the new EventData and gave them the chance to help guide product direction for the year ahead.

Plenty of great ideas for future products and enhancements were taken and will be fitted into the development roadmap to make sure JET continues to deliver the products that event organisers need.

EventData 2.0 Launch

All of the event organisers that work with JET get access to EventData. This is the back-end system organisers have used to manage form registration data, view financials and check trends. This system has been in place for almost 10 years and, although improvements have obviously been made during this time, it was time for a refresh. That’s why for the last couple of years JET has been working hard behind the scenes to create an all-in-one product suite that gives event organisers everything they need when it comes to event registration.

EventData is a single sign-on platform that is used to access all of its product suite. From simply checking data to sending out emails to the right segments, it’s all possible within the new platform. Key requirements for event organisers are the ability to easily view and report on all of their data, so it’s not a surprise that the two JET products that do exactly that, JET Data and JET Reporting, are included as standard.


JET Data & JET Data Pro

JET Data is a data management tool for event organisers to store, view and edit their data for the duration of the event. With JET Data, it is easier than ever to search and filter records and viewing and editing visitor details is now clean and clear. Upgrading to JET Data Pro means that event organisers can store all of their data within a secure, compliant system for greater clarity and enhanced marketing capabilities.

JET Reporting

JET Reporting is an event registration and attendance reporting tool that uses a context sensitive dashboard to show pre, during and post-show reports in an easy to understand graphical interface, with comprehensive filtering linking through to JET Data. Your demographic and geographical data will have never looked so good.

JET Powered Solutions

As all of JET’s products are built to work together, the ease of adding extra functionality is easy. So whether you need an email marketing tool that works closely with your data (JET Connect), or you want to track customer loyalty (JET Insight), or you might need to manage publication data (JET Subscription). As JET continues to develop and improve its products, its clients will be the first to reap the rewards with the new platform helping event organisers make their jobs a little bit easier and more effective.

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