Interactio: A leading remote solutions platform providing real-time multilingual interpretation services for remote or hybrid meetings


Interactio is a leading remote solutions platform providing real-time multilingual interpretation services for remote or hybrid meetings.

Interactio combines remote simultaneous interpretation and a remote participant system, connecting up to 2,000 participants in a virtual room with an unlimited number of languages.

Connected on an interactive panel via desktop or mobile device, attendees can exchange ideas in a live chat, cast votes, and show essential information through a screen sharing function.

Interactio has been used to interpret and stream over 26,000 events since its launch in 2014.

✨Our vision

We believe that every person should be able to converse in their preferred language.

Seeing how language can change perception in united congregation communities, we set on a journey to destroy language barriers in business meetings, governmental sessions, and conferences.

Our mission is to build bridges to limitless knowledge. 

⚡How it works

You decide to use Interactio’s all-in-one multilingual remote participant platform and

we connect all your participants, interpreters, moderators, and AV specialists in one tool.

  Interactio offers three solutions


Interactio offers solutions for in-person events of various scales where attendees receive interpretation live, using Interactio audio app.

Interpreters don’t have to be located at the venue to provide interpretation – by choosing the onsite solution, Interpreters can connect to the Interactio console remotely. All you need is to install the all-in-one listener’s app for audio streaming of interpretation, and Interactio team will assemble all the necessary equipment for you.


Fully remote meetings and virtual conferences can be hosted on Interactio multilingual meetings solution. Interactio provides a full-solution software with participants, interpreters, moderators, and AV specialists connected in one tool.

Want to host your meeting on an external video platform, like Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, or Hopin? Say no more, Interactio works alongside any videoconferencing app.

Hybrid solution

A hybrid meeting is a mixture of onsite and online meetings which unites your audience, speakers and interpreters at the venue with remote participants. This solution represents one of the unique offers from Interactio.

By choosing this option, you can integrate Interactio software with the on-site hardware equipment which not only enables the meeting participants to be connected – whether they are joining the meeting online or on-site – but it also guarantees that the interpreters who are on-site can simultaneously work with the interpreters who are working online from an place in the world.

The process steps are very simple: some of the attendees gather in a conference room in person, while others join a call through a video solutions platform. This way, regardless of the location, your participants can connect to the meeting and engage meaningfully in their own language.

We offer the ultimate multilingual meetings solution

  • Certified interpreters in any language (even the rarest ones!)
  • An unlimited number of languages per event
  • Dedicated technical monitoring during the event (You won’t need to worry about technical issues)
  • Dedicated project management
  • Event statistics (or streaming analytics)
  • Customized technical training for interpreters, technicians, and/or participants/speakers
  • 24/7 online support via chat and email
  • Direct hardware integration with interpretation equipment
  •  High scalability: thousands of participants in 1 virtual room
  •  High security standards: we’re ISO-certified (ISO 27001)
  •  Customized technical solution for any setup: on-site, remote and hybrid
  •  Call-in function

⚡ We support the world’s most important meetings

Interactio works with the world’s largest institutions such as European Parliament, European Commission, United Nations as well as corporates, including BMW, JP Morgan and Microsoft.

The company hosted 18,000+ meetings with 390,000 listeners in 2020 alone in more than 70 countries. 

Learn what customers say about us on Trustpilot.

⚡ Want to learn more about how we work?

Download our app and try Interactio by entering the event code “DEMO”

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Contact Details:
+ 1 831 777 4441 (US)
+ 44 1644 717778 (EU)

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