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Different from webinars, virtual conferences and exhibitions are more challenging events, comprising multiple event management solutions such as registration and ticketing, live engagement and networking, data analytics, and post-event reporting. 

Added to that, they are usually richer in content, involving multiple sessions that are often spread across several days. And, they involve a myriad of stakeholders, including speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, partners, and attendees.

So, to organize virtual conferences and exhibitions you need the right tools, and the support to help you throughout your event journey. 

InEvent offers an all-in-one virtual & hybrid platform, including solutions tailored to conferences and exhibitions specific needs.


Live engagement & navigation

InEvent´s purpose-built live engagement tools and dynamic virtual lobby captivate attendees in an immersive experience and keep their interest throughout the event. 

The event virtual lobby is a visually enticing environment, that is fully customizable to a brand’s identity and colors and that delivers a smooth event journey. Importantly for conference and exhibitions’ unique characteristics, the virtual lobby is easy to use and facilitates attendee’s navigation between live sessions, breakout rooms, pre-produced content, and sponsor booths.

Live event polling offers a seamless and on-brand experience for attendees as polls are available by simply clicking on a tab inside the event. As poll results are shown in real-time, they make attendees feel involved in the event and show that organizers value their opinions. 


Networking, one of the central reasons professionals attend conferences and exhibitions, is a differential asset on InEvent´s platform. 

Indeed, conference organizers can encourage networking between attendees with a built-in public and private chat, and a 1:1 business meeting. With these easy-to-use features, attendees can instantly message each other whilst enjoying the event, request to video call, or schedule a 1:1 meeting within the platform at a later time. 

Sponsorship activation

InEvent´s software offers valuable sponsorship assets that will attract brands to partner with your conference and ensure sponsorship ROI. 

Dedicated exhibitors´ booths allow attendees to learn about the company and have meaningful interactions with the sponsor´s ambassadors. 

As these booths are fully customizable, sponsors and exhibitors can effectively bring their brand identity to life and turn the spotlight on the company’s unique offerings.

Distinctively, downloadable files allow exhibitors to distribute company materials, such as a presentation, credentials deck, or case studies. 

Alongside that, in-session ads at exhibitor booths have been proven incredibly effective, as they catch attendee’s attention and seamlessly lead them to the company’s website. 

Event analytics and reports

Whether it is for your event sessions or your exhibitor booths, having access to detailed analytics is crucial to demonstrate ROI. In that regard, InEvent is a data-driven event management software, providing intuitive graphs and custom-built reports. 

The platform offers a wide range of metrics, including interactions (comments, polls responses), engagement (average unique live views per session, viewing time per session), networking (messages exchanged, a web of connections), and email statistics (open rates, click-through rates).  

Don´t miss out! Level up your conference and exhibition today with InEvent to deliver powerful virtual and hybrid event experiences.


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