InEvent raises USD 2M to keep accelerating the event-tech market


InEvent just received USD 2 million in seed investment from Storm Ventures, a VC company 100% focused on early-stage enterprise investments.

“COVID has changed the way events are being held beyond what we imagined a year ago. There is no going back to traditional events, with or without a vaccine. At Storm Ventures, we believe the team at InEvent will shape the future of events to come.” says Pascale Diaine, Principal at Storm Ventures.

Based in Atlanta, GA, InEvent was founded in 2013 and is led by Pedro Góes (CEO), Mauricio Giordano (CTO) and Vinícius Neris (CRO) – all of them with a computer engineering background.

Innovating since the early days

Previously an events agency at the early days, InEvent quickly pivoted to a SaaS model.


“Our dream at the time was to be part of Y Combinator, the largest and most respected startup accelerator worldwide. That’s why we pivoted.”, says Góes. In 2019, Y Combinator saw what InEvent was doing and the startup was selected to be a part of it.

Today, with more than 531 customers, InEvent intends to 3x it’s revenue in 2021, following the 11x growth achieved last year. Among the companies that use the tool are Coca Cola, Renault and KPMG.

Góes and the InEvent Board of Directors will direct the USD 2M investment mainly to the area of ​​product innovation, in addition to technology for improved hybrid event management.

The expected growth should also significantly increase the number of registrations on the platform, which already reached 2,2M in 2020.

2021 and beyond

In 2020 alone, more than 6502 hybrid events have been hosted with the platform, resulting in +60 million streaming minutes.

According to Forbes, based on what we’ve seen in 2020, hybrid events are estimated to become a USD 404 billion market by 2027.

“No matter if that’s in-person or virtually, the platform contributes to making any corporate event structured and customized with infinite possibilities for engagement, design, and interaction”, Góes wraps up.

Companies interested in finding how to get the most from the hybrid events, the hottest marketing channel of 2021, can access more information at


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