Hybrid Event Essentials highlights the greatest and latest solutions


To help take any residual ‘why’ out of hybrid, Event Industry News has compiled a hitlist of ‘must have’ tech for organisers.

Hybrid Event Essentials highlights the greatest, latest solutions – from software and live streaming channels to custom branded kit, how to harness big picture film/video experiences effectively for physical and virtual audiences, examples of the best platforms to facilitate the execution across the dimensions and a lot more too of course.

As a return to real people and physical events, outside and in, gets closer – subject to scrupulous analysis – find out more about pushing shows of all kinds beyond their traditional boundaries, and helping people old and young, of all dispositions, in all locations, to get the best from the live event map.

Discover Hybrid Event Technology Benefits with Aventri

There are numerous advantages to being able to streamline business workflows using an integrated platform for your virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. The power, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of having one license, one log-in, and one support team ensures you have all the tools you need to plan, host, and manage your event from start to finish.


While virtual events can’t replace the dynamism of in-person ones, that doesn’t mean they can’t still be engaging. With a fully integrated virtual event management platform, it is much easier to streamline the process from start to finish, including event planning, marketing, hosting, and post-event follow-ups.

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Kinura: supporting live stream, hybrid and virtual events since 2007

This article was written by Sarah Platt, Co-founder and Director of livestream production company Kinura. Sarah is a virtual event and livestream consultant with 20 years industry experience in digital media, events and broadcasting. 

The hybrid event model isn’t new to us at Kinura. We’ve supported live stream, hybrid andvirtual events since 2007. But as we transition to digital events becoming the norm, and tech firms push the boundaries of what a virtual event ‘platform’ can or should do, how do you break through the hype and minimize stress and complexity? We think what’s really useful is to keep things simple and strip it back to thinking in broadcast terms. Allowing for tech rehearsals in the budget, carefully considering location & talent, the pace and dynamism of the show – none of this is anything new to a live TV crew. But pulling a hybrid event together with a short lead time and social distancing can be a challenge. 

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Boost networking by connecting virtual attendees with Eventboost

Eventboost is an all-in-one event management platform enabling event professionals to manage virtual & hybrid events, online meetings, and webinars.

You can link any meeting or video platforms of your choice, or use the built-in broadcasting and live-streaming system.

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An Attendee-centric Experience for Virtual and Hybrid Events: Communique Conferencing

An Attendee-centric Experience for Virtual and Hybrid Events, Driven by Artificial Event Intelligence

Communique Conferencing has been the leading virtual conference platform and hybrid event platform provider since 2001 serving mid-to-large size corporations and non-profit organizations globally. Communique offers clients a choice of hybrid event options including a highly customized 3D virtual environment or a simpler 2D, plug and play, hybrid event experience. The platform scales to 100,000+ concurrent attendees and is ISO 27001 certified for data security. 

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World Wide Group solutions designed to ensure memorable and measurable events

Karen Hayes, managing director at World Wide Group

With a history in filmmaking that goes right back to 1935, and Oscars/Baftas on the shelf, World Wide Group (WWG) knows very well how production quality can make or break a hybrid event. Simply, content has to be engaging and easy to watch in any dimension.  

To that end, World Wide Group producers and their teams work with clients and the best technology to create the brand experience they are looking for.

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Balluun: Digitize your tradeshow for
hybrid event and year-round engagement

Balluun is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions allowing event organizers to easily launch and run new digital tradeshow experiences for their B2B buyers and sellers. Trade show organizers and trade associations use Balluun’s highly configurable platform to launch their own branded digital experience tailored to their unique industry, audience, and business needs. From running hybrid/online events, to building a year-round digital community and generating new digitally based revenue, Balluun provides a full spectrum of technology options to support event organizers and their digital strategy needs.

Launch an online/hybrid event quickly with FlashEXTM

FlashEX™ is a fully branded online “flash exhibition” solution for event organizers to quickly launch an online digital marketplace event – whether it’s part of a stand-alone digital experience or part of a hybrid online/physical event.

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How Curated Gift Boxes Transform the Hybrid Event Experience

The world of events is changing, and the demand for virtual and hybrid events is stronger than ever before. As event professionals explore innovative ways to set their meetings apart, many are turning to curated gift boxes to generate excitement, eliminate overcrowding, and help people feel appreciated for attending.

For 40 years, pc/nametag has helped professionals create safe event experiences that are both meaningful and memorable. With thousands of items to choose from, our team works with you to design a themed gift box that can be mailed to attendees prior to your event.

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InEvent’s mobile app is essential to create a memorable hybrid event experience

Mobile app

InEvent’s mobile app is essential to create a memorable hybrid event experience, where both in-person attendees feel valued and engaged with the occasion. 

The app’s built-in polling, questions, and native chat features allow people at the event or tuning in virtually to interact with the event’s speakers and organizers within a branded event environment. And the app’s dynamic social feed is effective in building a consistent event community joining both in-person and virtual attendees. 

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