Hubilo launches the virtual event platform that transforms the entire event experience online in just 15 days.


Hubilo, an event software company that was recently recognized as “Top 20 Event Management Software” now launches a virtual events platform that allows an enterprise meeting, conference, summits, exhibitions, and conventions pivot to delivering a virtual experience. For organizers, the platform features allow event organizers to set up a virtual event corridor where your attendees can come online and Set-up Attendee Profiles, Access Open Sessions, Buy Tickets to Special Sessions, Visit Sponsor Booth, Post on Social Wall.

Additionally, they can “Host Virtual Sessions”, virtual Event Sessions are specific speaker sessions that can be hosted virtually in real-time or can be accessed on-demand taking the experience of session-based events a notch further.

Most online events are basically webinars, Hubilo’s unique proposition is the ability to have many to many interactions just like real-life events. Attendees can review other attendees, send them meeting requests, chat, and exchange business cards. Attendees can interact during any session or individually for networking through session-based and Networking-based chat.

“Clients called me up almost every day for about a week, they were asking if video conferencing can be used. It was tough to give any advice since we knew video conferencing cannot fully serve what events require. So, we decided to change our priorities and came up with a Virtual Event Platform” said, Vaibhav Jain, Founder & CEO at Hubilo.


By the first week of March, the team got together to brainstorm a solution. Within 5 days, our team swiftly executed the Beta version and successfully launched the “Virtual Event Platform”.

Virtual Event Platform is designed with two major objectives: first, taking the entire experience of an event online and second, making it easy for event organizers to switch from physical to virtual.

The first major virtual conference that was held via Hubilo’s virtual conference platform was Code Sync LITE Beam by Erlang Solutions in the United Kingdom.

Code Sync LITE conference successfully retained sponsors’ interest through the virtual booths another unique proposition of the product that provides sponsors and exhibitors with an online space to market their product or service by hosting videos, product collaterals, and other details. Premium sponsors can also avail associate login for a marketing executive that allows him to network with attendees virtually.

“Virtual events are proving to be an astute solution to ensure events can be executed and people can stay connected. Our platform, post-launch, has seen very high demand. Currently, we are offering a special price relief to the events that got affected in these uncertain times” added Vaibhav when asked about the product’s price.  

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