Howler – the ultimate cashless tech for festivals


Howler is an end-to-end events access control, ticketing and cashless platform that strives to build a state-of-the-art technology platform and service model to create seamless experiences for event organisers, vendors and audiences.

This platform covers all bases: from event organisers needing to seamlessly sell tickets, to partygoers wanting to keep updated with the best events. Customers can also use it to top-up their tickets to spend at any of Howler’s cashless events and pay with a single tap. 

Just a few of the services Howler provides include:

With Howler, organisers can reduce payment times at their vendors to just three seconds – just imagine how swiftly queues would move at your festival with this technology! Your revellers would experience a much more enjoyable time, increasing audience engagement. Meanwhile, you and your vendors will experience higher profits and a better ROI. This also maximises event security by minimising risks of theft and fraud.

Consumers can find your event in a number of ways including searching for the event, organisers or venue; scouring through Howler’s event categories that include ‘festival’, ‘lifestyle’, music’ ‘corporate’ and ‘nightlife’; and picking trending artists that are performing at any one of Howler’s events.

To date, the technology platform has processed over $80 million transactions and over a million tickets in the past year alone.

Since its inception in 2016, Howler has offered top-rated cashless solutions to some of the biggest music festivals in South Africa including Ultra, Rage and MTN Bushfire. Though it is focused on its continued growth in the region, the company is now executing specific plans to expand into other countries including Spain, Portugal, Italy and Lebanon.

Its 2020 vision is to use its success to propel the company and its technologies into the global market and introduce its end-to-end solution to international events.

Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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