How PhoenixDAO Events dApp can help booking tickets online


PhoenixDAO comes as a boon for the event ticketing and management industry by combining the functionalities of the Polygon side scaling solution and the functionalities of decentralized applications.

Presently, the industry faces several problems that stop it from growing beyond its existing boundaries. However, PhoenixDAO Events dApp can help break these boundaries and connect the industry to the growing crypto community.

PhoenixDAO a Multi-suite Solution

PhoenixDAO is a decentralized, open-source, and community-led project built to become an efficient DeFi enabled ecosystem. The company goes hand-in-hand with the decentralization ideology of the crypto community and divides the control of any project to a community instead of a single entity.

To that end, the ecosystem at the moment offers three solutions that can help several blockchain projects:

  • PhoenixDAO is an autonomous project that uses revenue generated from its products. 
  • Staking dApp is a flexible liquidity provider that can help users earn more digital assets by providing liquidity to their existing investments. 
  • Events dApp is the latest addition to the ecosystem, which can potentially revolutionize the NFT-based event ticketing and management industry using PhoenixDAO Events Marketplace. 

The Events dApps is a flagship dApp that uses NFTs and Events Marketplace to facilitate Creating, selling, purchasing, and gifting tickets to different types of events. 

Phoenix Events dApp

The Events dApp acts as an Event marketplace where users can purchase, sell and find tickets for events. It tackles the major problems faced by the ticketing industry, such as:

  • Duplicate and counterfeit tickets
  • Bulk purchasing and hoarding of tickets
  • No secure methods for transactions
  • High gas fees and transaction costs

PhoenixDAO Events dApp is built upon the Polygon side scaling solution that works on Layer 2 instead of solely on the Ethereum network where it was already deployed previously. While the Ethereum Network struggles due to network congestion and high gas fees, Polygon helps build faster, gasless blockchain platforms. 

The dApp uses the PHNX-ID solution for ticketing, which assigns every ticket a permanent identification so it cannot be sold or hoarded in bulk. The PHNX-ID solution works like NFTs, whereby the ownership of the ticket becomes immutable. Events dApp also accepts PHNX, the native token of the Phoenix ecosystem, as a payment mode to make the payments faster and more secure. PhoenixDAO is working on implementing fiat on-ramp so that users can purchase PHNX directly with a credit/debit card. It is likely that the platform will introduce more cryptocurrencies in the future but that is yet to be confirmed.

Creating and Booking an Event on Phoenix Events dApp

PhoenixDAO dApp is not only an event marketplace where users can find and purchase tickets, it is also a hosting app which allows users to create an event and sell its tickets using several parameters. The process of organizing an event on the dApp is straightforward and can be done in just a few easy steps.

  • First, users have to fill in the basic details of the events; such as their location, time, date, and category. As the users enter the details, the dApp will generate a real-time representation of the tickets.
  • The second step is to select whether the event is a free or paid event. For paid events, users will be paid in PHNX tokens.
  • The third step is to decide on the quantity of the tickets. Users can create exclusive events with just a few tickets, or a bigger event with many.
  • Once the user has entered all the details, the event will go live on Phoenix Events Marketplace.

Immediately after the event goes live, PhoenixDAO’s community can start purchasing the tickets using PHNX and receive an e-ticket with the exact identification as their profile. This feature will solve the problem of counterfeit and duplicate tickets as every ticket is assigned a unique identity.

PhoenixDAO Events dApp simplifies the process of purchasing and selling tickets using NFT technology and dApps functionality. 

For more information on the dApp which will soon be launched by the PhoenixDAO ecosystem, visit their website and check out the other services available.


Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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