House of eve launch “will go ahead” despite coronavirus


Event creating digital platform eve will be realised for the first time in full three-dimensional format tomorrow when ‘House of eve’ is launched. Attendees can be reassured that eve is taking extra measures at the venue to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the rooms and facilities before the event and throughout the day.  

41 Portland Place is set to host the inaugural event and is operating very strict procedures to ensure that there will be no staff who have recently returned from affected coronavirus areas, or who have been in contact with anyone who has recently returned.

House of eve will showcase 34 venues with capacities of up to 2,400 that currently sit on the platform in a one-day immersive experience. The day will begin at 7:30am with a Workshop & Workout featuring yoga and a workshop from Spa from Ordinary, with a power breakfast served by CH&CO.

Chef Rob Milligan will be on hand to talk about healthy ways to start the day and be available throughout to answer any menu planning conundrums organisers may have.

eve will open her doors fully at 8:30am. On top of the venues, there will be summer and Christmas party suggestions from Ultimate Experience, production ideas from Full Circle and a number of new experiences for guests to try throughout the day. Guests will be able to sample a range of innovative food ideas created by eve’s venues from CH&CO and Create with menus delivered by QR codes to avoid printing.

On the threat of coronavirus, MD of eve by CH&CO, Katy Thompson, is confident there is nothing to worry about: “We have taken extra measures to ensure of the cleanliness of the venue and all the staff onsite haven’t been to any affected areas or been in contact with anyone who may have been infected.

“On top of that, we will be cleaning often touched surfaces throughout the day and will be offering organic hand sanitisers to guests on entry. We have written to all our guests advising that we will be going ahead as planned tomorrow and asking them that if they have been to any of the affected areas, or been in contact with anyone that has, to stay at home.”

On the launch itself, Katy added: “eve is much more than a digital platform, eve understands the resonance of face-to-face relationships to build trust and produce great events. House of eve is an all-encompassing collaboration of all the individual aspects of eve that power together to create incredible events. eve isn’t about being good, she’s about creating excellence.”

Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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