Holding a virtual exhibition on your WordPress website


Virtual events are increasingly getting popular. Keep reading to learn how to hold a virtual exhibition by using WordPress if you’ve been pushed into hosting an online event or you just like the notion of hosting a virtual exhibition in general.

Benefits of Virtual Events:

Why are virtual events better than physical events?

Remote participation

There has been a lot of expansion and growth in the realm of virtual events since the epidemic hit a year ago. The concept of virtual events have turned out to be a life saver during the pandemic which made it mandatory for social animals to maintain social distance.


Virtual events are becoming an increasingly important element of business and are better than physical events since they are cost-effective. Renting venues, reserving guest housing, providing food and other requirements, and making travel arrangements are all important expenses for physical events. These costs are eliminated when you host a virtual event.

 Save time

Virtual events save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on hotel bookings, venue selection, event personnel, and signage. These events provide several advantages over physical ones.

Increases Participation

Today most companies have wholeheartedly embraced the digital transformation due to the endless number of benefits it offers. Unlike physical events, virtual events are not restricted to any geographical boundaries which remarkably increases audience reach.

Challenges of hosting an event on a virtual event hosting platform

1. Virtual platforms are Costly

Hosting a virtual event on a Virtual Event Platform comes with numerous complications. Finding the right platform can get intimidating since there are numerous virtual event platforms but these platforms do not provide flexibility and are costly. These platforms can cost a lot if you want to improve features or production value.

2. Users need to depend on them.

Using a virtual event platform to host your virtual event increases user dependence on these platforms. Any malfunction or technological issue can severely impact the event and its attendees.

3. Users need to pay every month according to the plan.

Finding the right platform can get intimidating and can cost you a lot since you have to pay for these platforms every month as per the plan.

4. Technical issues

As users are highly dependent on virtual event platforms, technical issues may be faced by users when their servers are not working. Furthermore, inconsistent internet access, program constraints, and even a participant’s level of technical understanding can all sabotage the program’s success.

5. Attendee data security risk.

Data protection is another security risk. Cybercriminals must be kept out of valuable video resources, participant data, and other sensitive data made available during the event. Storing your confidential data on the cloud increases security risks.

  • Problem in keeping attendees interested

The biggest challenge for most virtual event hosts is keeping attendees interested as most of them are already spending a lot more time in front of their computer screens than usual due to the pandemic. . 

  • Absence of a content plan

One of the most significant issues that virtual events face is the absence of a proper content plan. That is why having a solid content plan is crucial to initiate a successful virtual event. 

Why should you use WPEM to hold your virtual event?

1. You can create your White label platform.

One of the greatest benefits of using WPEM is that they allow you to create your widgets for the event. It enables users to personalize the webpage with organized and chronological data of events as a widget, which helps improve the efficiency of WordPress themes.

2. Easy to set up.

If your job entails hosting a virtual event, whether for business or simply socialization or entertainment, then using WPEM as a plugin for organizing and holding your event is essential since it is simple to implement. All you have to do now is download, install and activate it on your WordPress website. You may alter the size to suit your needs.

3. Customizable

WP Event Manager Expo is the best choice if you want to hold a virtual event and want a flexible, less costly and convenient event manager. It allows you to customize your events  based on your preference. By providing fundamental functionality, their good structure architecture meets your specific requirements. Furthermore, they also allow users to change any field at any point of the event submission process without altering any code thus offering flexibility.

4. Allows you to sell tickets and collect registration data on your platform.

When you choose to work with WP event managers, you get the benefit of selling your ticket on your own platform. Besides this, you can also collect registration data and gather user information on your  website.

 5. There is no data security risk.

WPEM is the best choice as it has no data security risk. Furthermore, there is no threat to information protection. The WP Accessibility Helper plugin will increase the mobility of your online platform.

6. You do not need to depend on any other platform.

By choosing them as your event manager you do not have to depend on any other platform. You can enjoy the same features on your website which are provided by the Virtual event hosting platform. This Virtual event hosting platform provides you with the same capability as other platforms on your site. WPEM is an open-source platform. It’s also extremely user-friendly, trying to make it suitable for even newbies.

7. SEO Friendly.

They assist you in achieving a high rating on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other important search engines. By making themselves SEO friendly they allow Google and other search engines to efficiently crawl each page, interpret the information, and index it in their databases.

8. Developer friendly and easily customizable.

WP Event Manager Expo Networking is a simple to use and configure plugin that is the best virtual event hosting platform. This fully responsive plugin is compatible with a variety of browsers, including Chrome, Explorer, Safari and Firefox. It has multilingual capabilities and is translation ready, making it suitable for use in any language. 

9. Enjoy the same feature on your website which is provided by the Virtual event hosting platform.

Professionals will appreciate how easy it is to modify it. A separate website for your online event or meeting can make it a lot easier to market, administer, fill seats, and enrol participants. To automate cross-channel interactions and marketing, WordPress offers a broad array of third-party technologies, systems, and cooperative efforts.


WPEM is a cost-effective WordPress manager that can be easily installed.  You can install the plugin from WordPress using both automatic and manual installation methods. This plugin offers features that none of its competitors offers and it is easy to download. You just need to download and install the add-on and everything is ready for you to hold your virtual event. Their plugin can be installed from WordPress or by using SFTP or FTP tools. The most convenient method is to install plug ins as the wordpress will handle file transfers for you.

Follow the following steps to install the plugin

●  Go to your WordPress dashboard and log in.

●  Go to the Plugins section of the menu.

●  Click Add New and then search for “WP Event Manager” in the search area.

●  Once you’ve located the plugin, click the Install Now button to begin the installation process.

Things that you’ll need to hold a virtual event

Getting the correct tools is the first step towards holding a virtual event on your WordPress. You’ll need a few different pieces of equipment to hold your virtual exhibition on the WordPress platform. You’ll need a good camera, headphones, and a microphone, in addition to a computer and a good internet connection. There are several of these pieces of equipment available in the market, and at reasonable prices, so you don’t have to worry about spending your money on conferencing equipment. After you’ve taken care of that, you should focus on event software and plugins. Ensure that your chosen platform allows you to establish an invite link for your event

Create a plugin for your event.

WP Event Manager is a lightweight event management plugin that is simple to install and use. The plugin is ideal for websites that require event-related features. It works nicely with any theme and comes with a lot of features. Whether you’re planning a one-on-one meeting or a larger meetup, this plugin includes everything you’ll need to get started. It has a Calendar month view with tooltips, Google maps, day and event list views, and event search, in addition to allowing you to create your events easily.

To attend the event, add an RSVP or a ticket option.

Many virtual event organizers like to check how many attendees are joining before the event starts, even if it isn’t necessary. It’s also possible that you’ll need to sell tickets for the virtual exhibition. Use WP Event Manager to install the sell ticket plugin. A sell ticket plugin is a full-featured event management plugin that is lightweight, scalable, and open source. This plugin is used to add event listing capabilities to your WordPress site.

Get your event started.

Use WP Event manager as the WordPress manager for your virtual exhibition. Their architecture is well-structured and code-able, which improves fundamental functionality and meets individual requirements. Furthermore, they visualize and manage many events using the most user-friendly, visible, and well-organized dashboard.

Features of WP Event manager

WP Event Manager is a remote team of WordPress experts from across the world. By using their plugins, you will not be left in the dark. They respond to help requests as quickly as possible and fix bugs faster than you can identify them. Their top priority is customer service. Furthermore, they also provide a preview before the live event. They allow viewers to watch a live stream of a scheduled event before it is published. So that changes can be made before the event goes live. This word press event manager lets visitors easily search and find specific events based on their types and categories. Their plugin is easy to edit and may be used on various templates. When you sign up for WP Event Manager, you gain access to additional devices that enable you to enrol attendees, provide you with the ability to create custom forms and register participants all from your dashboard. The plugin also allows you to retain a full record of each attendance, which can help you manage your event better. You can also sell tickets to your attendees using the plugins included with WP Event Manager.


WordPress is an excellent platform for creating and hosting any virtual conference, whether it’s a simple conference call, a one-on-one meeting, or any other type of digital social event. With a little customization, you can arrange and host a virtual event and invite your site users to join quickly, thanks to WPEM plugins. WP Event Manager Expo Networking is the best option when it comes to selecting a plugin for your virtual exhibition. Their plugins are compatible and responsive across all screen sizes, including desktop, smartphone, laptop, and tablet.


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