Hiscox Action Group and the Night Time Industries Association have formed an alliance to force Hiscox Insurance to settle business interruption claims


The Hiscox Action Group and the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) have today announced that they are forming an alliance to put pressure on Hiscox Insurance to pay out on its business interruption policies.

The alliance will allow for the sharing of information, the pooling of resources and closer collaborations in the legal actions being brought against Hiscox.

The two groups represent over 500 Hiscox policy holders with total insurance cover of over £50 million, For many of the policy holders, access to these insurance funds is the difference between their businesses surviving and going under.

NTIA’s members include bar, club and restaurant owners whose premises have been closed by the lockdown and who have closure insurance with Hiscox. They are represented by insurance brokers, NDML.


Philip Kolvin QC of Cornerstone Barristers says; “The Hiscox policies we are relying on clearly cover government closure due to the cornonavirus. I hope very much that these claims can be met soon, and in full, to avoid the need for litigation”.

The Hiscox Action Group is a wide grouping of policy holders who have instructed Mishcon de Reya as legal counsel and had their legal action underwritten by Harbour, a leading litigation funder.

Richard Leedham is the Mishcon de Raya partner leading the action and he says, “I welcome this alliance with NTIA. Hiscox has said that it did not intend to cover what has happened. This is irrelevant. We are looking at what is in the contract. Hiscox has provided a very broad form of wording and its natural meaning would cover someone whose business was interrupted by the lockdown