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There are several elements involved in the operation of a successful event. One of the most important factors organisers should consider is safety and security; this should always be a priority no matter the size and nature of the event. When it comes to securing an event, you should consider key points such as crowd management, health and safety procedures, and preparation for unexpected situations.

One of the leading UK event security specialists is Stage Security, a Suffolk firm that holds decades of experience in the security sector. Here are some of the top reasons why Stage Security is well equipped to provide high-quality solutions to make sure your event runs safely and smoothly.

Why event security is important

Threats can come in many forms such as health and safety hazards, domestic or international terrorism, natural disasters and food hazards. Event organisers must plan accordingly to prevent any injuries or deaths by identifying any risks and putting in place protections to limit impact should an incident occur. Clear communication between all parties at every stage is essential. Failure to adhere to legal requirements may not only result in serious injury or death, but also introduce the possibility of litigation.

While events of all size should implement appropriate levels of security, large-scale events provide more obstacles to overcome and require an extensive strategy across all departments. With the UK terrorism threat level currently at severe, it is of paramount importance that steps are taken to ensure the safety of the public. Everyone working at the event should be aware of the signs that constitute ‘suspicious activity’ and screening systems may be required such as bag checks and body scanners.

As well as terrorism, more common hazards can surface, yet they remain impossible to predict. This can include technical issues, adverse weather conditions and troublesome attendees. Not to mention the key elements of effective crowd control is to ensure there are no congestion issues and to limit access to private areas of the venue. 

How stage security approaches event security

Stage Security is able to provide a comprehensive selection of security solutions designed to make sure that the event is enjoyed by all. Bespoke solutions are available regardless of the venue size, location and event logistics.

Stage Security’s work commences at the very early stages of beginning the partnership with the event organiser. It will carry out a full security audit by visiting the venue and addressing potential risks in the form of a report. During the planning stage, the firm recognises the importance of maintaining good communication with organisers, local authorities, relevant bodies and the local community. Anyone’s concerns and issues surrounding the event are welcomed and used to form an effective security plan.

When it comes to the event itself, Stage Security’s experienced and friendly team can work across multiple areas. They will carry out thorough ticket checking, efficient crowd management, and controlled access at all entry and exit points.  Car park management, search and response teams, pit crews and artist/VIP protection are also available should these services be required.

Experience and reputation are critical

For almost 20 years, Stage Security has covered small to large events including concerts and festivals like Paloma Faith and Ipswich Music Day, as well as cultural events such as the Clacton Air Show, Olympic Torch Relay and the Women’s Cycle Tour.

As an SIA Accredited Security Partner, Stage Security can be trusted to follow industry best practices. All staff are highly skilled in their profession and fully vetted. Staff are trained regularly to equip them with the skills required for dealing with challenging scenarios involving first aid, anti-terrorism, and working with vulnerable people. The firm has built extensive relations with local authorities and emergency services to ensure that the event is compliant with all policies and requirements.

Stage Security places professionalism, integrity and practically at the very heart of its work. It knows that the reputation of the event organiser lies with it. All employees wear company uniforms with appropriate IDs, follow a strict code of conduct, are reliable and insured, and achieve Stage Security’s promise of delivering quality customer care.

Find out more about the services Stage Security provides

Stage Security has the experience and capability of providing high-quality event security solutions. They also provide several other services including venue security, VIP security, consultancy and more. 

Visit the Stage Security website to find out more about its services and how the team can help your business deliver a smooth event.

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