Giving Your Event Life after Live


The cameras turn off, the audience disperses, the events team pops a bottle of champagne. Your live event was a success. But now what?

If you’ve just finished a live event, you’ve put in months of work finding speakers and creating amazing content. After all that, it’s a waste to walk away and leave all that content in the past. That’s why event planners are increasingly looking to find ways to extend the shelf life of their content. That’s why AnyClip helps event planners give events Life After Live.

Bringing in Audiences

The world is composed of two groups: people who attended your event and people who didn’t. You can have both. Conference attendees have great reasons to come back to the recorded sessions. They may want to refresh their memory or share snippets with their colleagues. Most conferences also have multiple tracks, forcing attendees to choose which sessions to attend live. Knowing that recordings of the sessions they missed will be available later helps soothe the FOMO. Meanwhile, plenty of people interested in your topic may have missed the live event; they may have had schedule conflicts, budget concerns, or just not have found out in time.

What do you need to make your recorded content accessible and appealing? Branded video galleries can be configured for multiple post-event strategies:

  • Open it to all audiences to increase reach
  • Restrict access to paying conference attendees through SSO authentication
  • Create a paywall to monetize new visitors

Maximize Value for Attendees

The recorded experience is a little different from live. But it has some major advantages. With AnyClip, use the AI-based video platform to automatically analyze every frame, creating captions, identifying every word written onscreen, and tagging keywords, people, objects, brands, and more. Instantly transform your event recordings into smart video for more accessible and appealing VOD that drives increased viewership and engagement.

  • Offer in-video search by person, brand, spoken or written word and more.
  • Surface relevant content so viewers can jump straight to the moment they’re looking for.
  • Caption and automatically translate into 100+ languages to extend reach and access.
  • Automatically add chapters and video Highlights so viewers can browse executive summaries.

Drive Additional Revenue

Using these deep insights into the content of your video, you can easily drive additional monetization and interactivity with your content.

  • Activate customized video overlays, calls-to-action and shoppable links to your live and recorded videos that drive everything from subscriptions and customer upgrades to lead generation and sponsor-added value.
  • Leverage in-stream ad insertions for additional monetization, with both pre- and mid-roll for live and recorded events.
  • Automate offers and campaigns for on-demand content with effortless targeting by topic and keyword.

Getting Started with AnyClip

AnyClip can seamlessly broadcast a high-resolution live event, complete with chat, interactive CTAs, and monetization. Then leverage the full power of AnyClip’s AI-driven platform to give your event Life After Live.

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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