Ever been to a party that received a noise complaint, or attended a seminar where you found yourself cupping one ear in order to hear the presenter?

Silent Seminars offers a solution to combat the dreaded quiet speakers, muffled tones or noise curfews: their wireless, multi-channel headsets allow attendees to hear without disturbance. 

Based in Birmingham, Silent Seminars have equipped conferences and seminars all over the world. With over 10 years’ experience in the events industry, it boasts an eclectic pool of happy customers, such as Google, Oxfam, Amazon, Amgen and Adecco Group. 

Using Silent Seminars’ headsets, presentations, workshops and lectures can improve the audio quality and maximise audience engagement. All the headsets run on licensable RF frequencies.


Company director, Duncan Strain, commented: “Quality and clarity of audio is key at any conference or exhibition in getting your message across. If exhibitors can’t talk to their clients because of a loud PA system, then that causes a problem. Likewise, if delegates can’t clearly hear a presentation.”

The multi-channel function allows organisers to host several sessions in one room, deliver more content, and maximise on time and space. Audience engagement is improved through clearer audio and Q&A sessions can operate with a roaming mic, ensuring each attendee can clearly hear each question and the answer.

Mr Strain added: “We’re constantly striving to develop the tech. We’ve moved from a three- to a 10-channel headset and can now cater for up to 24 breakouts in any space.”

Along with its headsets, Silent Seminars also offer a full technical service with a team of qualified AV technicians.

Silent Seminars is a brand owned by Silent Noize. They can be contacted through their contact page or the details below.

Contact Silent Seminars on:
Tel: 0203 727 5382
Email: info@silentseminars.com

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