GDPR unpicked! Data specialist Hellen Beveridge to join Event Tech Live on day 1


Data specialist, Hellen Beveridge from Data Oversight, will be at the Expo & Engage Stage at 15:30 on day one to help organisers disentangle the many strands of GDPR.

Find out the answers to some of the most common, real-life questions regarding all things data protection, including GDPR and its requirements from event organisers.

Even though GDPR has been in place for over a year, it still generates more than a little confusion. However, since authoritative information is difficult to identify, coupled with a constant stream of information and judgements coming out of a plethora of EU institutions there is plenty to cause this befuddlement.

Event organisers and NGOs are particularly hard-hit as, for most, this is the first time they have faced personal responsibility for implementing complex legislative and governance requirements into their businesses.


Help is at hand though – as an attendee of our GDPR Q&A session, you will get to pick Hellen’s brains. Some of the FAQs she will cover include:

•              Do I need to appoint data controllers and data processors?

•              Do I need a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

•              Can I, as an owner, appoint myself as a DPO?

•              Is GDPR a must for NGOs and charities?

•              What about NGO projects (EU funds etc.,)?

•              What about street photography and GDPR?

•              Am I required to keep records of data processing activities?

•              Can I collect and keep employee and invoice data?

•              Is cold e-mailing allowed?

•              What about old e-mail databases?

•              Do I need consent for video surveillance?

Make sure you’re not the only one missing out! Register for free and head to the Expo & Engage Stage at 15:30 on 6th November to have all your GDPR questions answered.

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