Audience engagement and presentation logistics are two key challenges when it comes to presenting at an event or show. Knowing this, Freeman — the world’s leading brand experience company — is helping to simplify the presentation process by upgrading two of its conference solutions and rebranding them to the Sync by FreemanTM second-screen platform, and the Orchestrate by FreemanTM presentation optimisation tool.

Sync (formerly FXP | touch) creates two-way dynamic participation between presenters and audiences, increasing live event engagement and presenter effectiveness. New upgrades to the second-screen platform enable presenters to record interactive presentations for on-demand viewing, allowing attendees who missed the live session to still view and interact with the presentation as if it were live. Gamification features have also been added to Sync, enabling presenters to incorporate fun, interactive elements to their presentations.

Sync also enables the continuous collection and analysis of valuable audience interaction data, equipping presenters with actionable insights that can be utilised to craft more impactful real-time conversations and make improvements both on the fly and for future presentations. Engagement data can then be viewed in aggregate or segmented by live or on-demand data, enabling presenters to home in on specific information if desired. The web-based solution is easy to implement and scales to any audience size. With Sync, Freeman also provides advanced technical infrastructure and on-site support staff to help set up the tool and keep it running seamlessly.

Orchestrate (formerly Presentation Management) enables easy organisation of electronic materials for seminars, training sessions, and other similar events. Using Orchestrate, presenters can easily upload their presentations in advance or at the show site, allowing for seamless network transfer of the presentation to the right meeting room at the right time. This solution simplifies the delivery of presentation materials and ensures greater efficiencies, which can ultimately lead to higher quality meetings.


New features for Orchestrate include a redesigned, more intuitive interface, on-the-go access with a mobile-friendly design, and new functionality for Mac users with support for Keynote files. In addition, presenters can quickly and easily submit files with a drag-and-drop uploader. Event managers also will enjoy a new management dashboard and reports, the ability to quickly pinpoint sessions that do not yet have files, faster access to meeting information, and a clean layout for better event branding.

While both solutions provide unique individual benefits, presenters and show managers will realise the best results when pairing Sync and Orchestrate together.

“There is a growing need for communication and collaboration in the event industry. Event organisers are constantly looking for ways to better engage with their audiences, and today’s innovative digital solutions are helping to pave the way toward more meaningful interactions while also streamlining processes,” said Richard Maranville, chief digital officer at Freeman. “Integrating both Sync and Orchestrate eliminates the need for presenters to upload their presentations (and support documents) to multiple applications, allowing them to spend more time focused on audience engagement and less worrying about the logistics of their presentation.”

Combining the digital tools also provides benefits for show managers as they can be assured that the proper documents are being delivered to the correct session and room, automatically — saving time and enabling organizers to focus their efforts on other critical aspects of an event. Together, the cross-platform, secure file sharing between Sync and Orchestrate helps simplify presentation logistics. The two platforms combine with OnlineEvent® — Freeman’s event-based content-monetisation and eLearning web portal — to create a comprehensive suite of conference solutions aimed at helping event organisers extend audience conversations well beyond their presentations.

“With the upgrades to our Sync and Orchestrate digital tools, we’re helping to simplify presentation logistics, and we’re providing new, engaging ways for presenters to interact with their audiences in real time,” said Maranville. “Together, our upgraded conference solutions help set speakers up for continued success, both during their presentations and afterwards, when valuable audience data can be analyzed and utilized to craft future sessions.”

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.