The first modern public exhibition took place in London during 1756, when the recently established Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce held the first in a series of fine art exhibitions.

Since then the question has always been, “how successful was the exhibition, was there value generated and any sign of a return on investment?” Marketers have always struggled to evidence, that the money spent, was indeed well spent. Has brand awareness been increased and more importantly, have sales revenues since improved?

The number of business cards collected, or badge scans does not prove much, other than someone threw their card in the box to try and win a prize, or your staff were merely scanning badges of passers-by.

In today’s connected world, the vast majority of individuals carry a smartphone or tablet. In fact the number of smartphone users will grow to 2.87B by the year 2020. It is also a fact that 80% of smartphones have WiFi enabled. These overwhelming trends create the opportunity for Marketers to utilise an entire new breed of analytics,  to track visitor efficacy and ROI.  

Deploying Footfall Analytics at a show or exhibition stand / experiential area, you enable the detection of  that WIFI beacon from the smartphone / tablet device, which can then be recorded and analyzed.

At the forefront of this evolution, Pylon One have provided Footfall Analytics to the events industry for a number of years. Recently, Pylon One’s footfall analytics product has been used at the Paris motor show and Geneva motor show with clients Toyota and Lexus. It has also been used by one of the world leading experiential agencies, Imagination, during LNG 2019, The Paris motor Show, as well as the LA and Shanghai motor shows. 

Other clients include, companies such as Response Multimedia and an array of leading experiential agencies. Taking the next step in providing world class analytic solutions to their clients, Pylon One have formed a joint collaboration with US based software start-up Kloudspot as the demand grows for increased capabilities, capacity, and innovation in the location services. As developers of state-of-the-art technology and in collaboration with Pylon One, Kloudspot have already added enhancements to Footfall Analytics, enabling Pylon One to further meet the demands of today’s marketer for exhibitions and experiential events.

Footfall Analytics technology provides a live dashboard of information so marketers can see, in real-time, just how successful their event, experiential marketing is performing. Having agreed and defined the ‘engaged’ zone of the exhibition stand or experiential activity, sensors are strategically placed to evidence a visitor’s activity.  

Dwell time enables the marketer to determine how engaged each visitor is. There is also an opportunity to measure the traffic that walked by the stand but didn’t engage.

Mike Lang, Sales and Marketing Director, Pylon One says, “The potential for both Kloudspot and Pylon One enjoying significant success as a result of our close collaboration is obvious and exciting.  Kloudspot have developed the software engine that drives our footfall analytics platform and we will continue to share the development resources to continually improve the service offerings.”

Ravi Akireddy, CEO Kloudspot further commented, “we are extremely pleased to work in collaboration with Pylon One.  We believe that the adoption of AI to automate processes and transform marketing performance is inevitable. Pylon One’s leadership in Network and Communication Systems Integration is a perfect fit for Kloudspot and we are proud to be partners.”

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