Fixed price exhibition stands to transform your shell scheme or small space


Leading exhibition stands designers, Quadrant2Design, have spent the last few months reviewing their business outlook. Rather than panic, as everyone in the events industry has the right to at the moment, they put their efforts into launching a brand new product ready for our exhibitions to come back.

Alan Jenkins, Managing Director of Quadrant2Design, realised that businesses will be more price-sensitive when it comes to their future marketing strategy. This means that they will likely opt for smaller spaces.

Jenkins and his team think that every exhibitor, no matter their budget or space size, deserves a great looking exhibition stand.

That’s exactly why they have launched ShellSmart. The fixed-price alternative to transforming your small space or shell scheme. As always, Quadrant2Design’s custom modular exhibition stands are reusable and reconfigurable across several events.


You are in the driver’s seat. Design your exhibition stand in three easy steps and receive an instant quote starting at £1650 + VAT. Their fixed-priced modular exhibition stands range from 3x3m to 6x4m and are available to purchase or hire, with professional installation or self-build.

Keep reading to find out all of the fantastic benefits exhibitors receive when they choose ShellSmart. 

Transform your Small Space or Shell Scheme

ShellSmart was created to make your event easier to manage. And, to show you that you don’t need to settle for pull-up banners or pop-up displays if you have a small space or shell scheme. 

It is possible to have a full-fledged exhibition stand with all the trimmings.

Moreover, it’s possible on a small budget.

Quadrant2Design have also built this budget calculator. It helps you breakdown your total exhibiting budget and see whether you are a good candidate for their fixed-price exhibition stands.

Spoiler alert: you are!

Transform your small space or shell scheme with high-level branding, integrated audio-visuals and product showcases. Work with their graphic design team to create bespoke, floor-to-ceiling graphics and a custom photo floor.  

Fixed-price exhibition stands are available for exhibitors with spaces ranging from 3x3m up to 6x4m. Don’t settle for anything less than a custom modular exhibition stand.

Make a lasting impression.

Design your Exhibition Stand

Why wait for your design proposals when you can design your stand yourself?

The fixed-price exhibition stands tool allows you to design an exhibition stand in three easy steps. Simply:

  • Select your stand size
  • Select your stand shape
  • Select your design features

You’ll then be presented with three stand designs.

Once you’ve selected the design you like, Quadrant2Design’s CAD designers will get to work. They’ll use the colour palette and imagery found on your website to show the stand you have designed with your branding.

The design isn’t final until you have signed off on it so you have full control when it comes to the way your fixed-price stand looks.

Are you ready to design your own exhibition stand? 

Receive an Instant Quote

One of the perks of using a fixed-price exhibition stand is that you will receive an instant quote. The quote is based on their Hire2SelfBuild package (but feel free to change that).  Prices start at low as £1650 +VAT. 

Why waste your time waiting for a design proposal and quote when you can receive an instant quote in minutes?

The best part is that if your stand design comes out under or over budget, you are free to add or remove features until you are happy. There is no obligation to move forward with the design process so feel free to use the tool as many times as necessary to get your exhibition stand (and its price) right!

Fixed-Price Stands that you can reuse

Who wouldn’t want to know how much their exhibition stand is going to cost over their entire exhibiting calendar? These fixed-price stands are reusable and reconfigurable.

The modularity of the hardware means that you can reuse your stand at different shows, even with different sized spaces. You’re not limited to small spaces and shell schemes. Lifetime free design means that the team will reconfigure your stand to suit any requirements. 

If you choose to purchase your exhibition stand and self-build it, you’ll have a one-off investment to cover the cost of your stand for every single show you attend.

Hire or Buy? The Choice is yours

As with all of Quadrant2Design’s exhibition stands, their fixed-price stands are available on their Free2Hire, Free2SelfBuild and Buy2SelfBuild pricing plans. The choice is yours.

Hiring an exhibition stand comes with a lower upfront cost and means that you don’t have to think about storage between shows. Purchasing a stand means you can try new shows with less risk and the stand is yours after an initial one-off investment.

Professional installation and self-building options come with perks as well. Take the stress out of exhibiting by hiring a team to install your stand and dismantle it after your show. Or, take on the challenge of self-building to bring the job in-house and reduce costs.

Why shouldn’t you have all of these options with a fixed-price exhibition stand?

Just speak to the Quadrant2Design team to find out more. 

Unique Design Features and Free Photo Flooring

Despite the ‘design yourself’ element, you can still include the unique design features necessary to make your stand bold and inviting.

High-level branding will help you stand out in the crowd. Visitors will see your branded graphics from the aisle, long before they reach your stand.

Integrated product showcases are a seamless solution to displaying your best products. Built into the framework, they won’t take any room on your small exhibiting space or shell scheme.

Audio-visual elements and LED screens encourage visitors to interact with your exhibition stand. That gives your team the perfect opportunity to introduce your business and offer product demonstrations and advice.

And if all of this wasn’t already enough, Quadrant2Design are offering a free photo-floor with all of their fixed-price small stands. Bespoke, floor-to-ceiling graphics really mean floor-to-ceiling when it comes to these eye-catching stands.


ShellSmart offers exhibitors an easier, cost-effect way to transform their shell scheme or small space. Don’t even think about pull-up banners. You deserve to make an impression at your next show.

Following three simple steps, design your own exhibition stand in a matter of minutes. Add as many unique design features as you want. Or don’t. The choice really is up to you.

Receive an instant quote based on Quadrant2Design’s Hire2SelfBuild pricing plan. If you want to purchase a stand or include professional installation and dismantle their team will be able to help you with that.

Reuse your stand throughout your exhibiting calendar. With every show, your stand gets more cost-effective. What could go wrong?

Finally, take advantage of the free photo-floor worth up to £1200 to maximise the impression you make at your next event. 

We told you they had been busy, didn’t we?

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