First Steps initiative to discuss how inclusive the event industry is at upcoming event


Event First Steps, an initiative set up in order to help event industry newcomers, has announced details of its next event, to take place later this month.

‘How Inclusive is the Events Industry?’, on Monday 28th October, will take place at the The Collective HQ in Bedford Square – and will consist of a panel of speakers that will discuss the challenges that people face trying to enter our industry, whether this is due to physical ability, race or background.

“We are really pleased to finally host an event on this topic,” said Elena Clowes, one of the co-founders. “It is something we all feel passionate about, yet an issue which is often skirted around when discussed at events. We are keen to have an open and frank discussion with our speakers and with the audience.”

Caitlin Kobrak, another of the co-founders added: “It is really important for us to be able to have this conversation with both seasoned event professionals and those in the early stages of their career. This allows us to see where the gaps and challenges are, and how we can all make steps to overcome them.”


The four speakers (working in both events and wider creative industries) will share their personal experiences of challenges they have come across when finding work themselves – or helping others to find work – from different backgrounds and with different abilities. The Event First Steps team is looking forward to the insights they will be able to share and the discussions they will inspire.

“As with the majority of our content, this will be a free event to engage with a wide delegate pool,” said Priya Narain, third co-founder. “We really hope that this will be a starting point for a bigger conversation – something that can continue past the event and encourage further conversations across the industry.”

Event First Steps: How Inclusive is the Events Industry? is being hosted at The Collective HQ in their incredible space in Bedford Square from 6.30pm on Monday 28th October.

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