Ten per cent of UK festivals bound to fail(2)Research by delivery group ParcelHero suggests 100 festivals on the UK map this year, out of a total 1,000, might not return in 2017, primarily as a result of infrastructure and security cost.

The dearth of multi-generation appeal, big hitter headliners casts a shadow over big budget events, of course, while start-ups and boutique festivals sail close to financial wind by their very nature. So, in essence, the ParcelHero industry report simply underlines the fact that it takes money, and good fortune, to turn a profit in festival world.

Incorporating a substantial Event Industry News’ interview with Agility Logistics’ Andrew Bates, together with input from the likes of John Giddings (Solo), Gareth Cooper (Snowbombing/Festival No. 6) and Powerful Thinking, the ParcelHero industry report examines the snakes and ladders behind successfully balancing the income/outgoings equation.

No surprise then that David Jinks, ParcelHero’s head of consumer research, highlights the particular risk of events launched and run by fans rather than business people. “Some of those, if there is a poor summer, and if there are policing costs, they would definitely be endangered,” he said.

This research is comfortable on a well-trodden path. It’s not about news for the industry; it’s simply feeding the consumer hunger for festival gossip at the front edge of the season.


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