Tentipi, supplying authentic Nordic tipis to forward-thinking organisations and creative individuals since 1989


Tentipi was established in 1989 in Swedish Lapland by its founder and CEO Bengt Grahn. They still make tents there today, and Bengt is still very much the visionary at the forefront of the business.

Bengt was inspired by the traditional design of the Nordic kåta, a traditional cone shaped shelter, made with a frame of wooden poles covered in animal hides.

For 30 years Bengt has designed a range of tents, paying respect to the original kåta design, whilst using modern materials and the latest construction techniques.

Bengt’s innovative idea to make a tipi where the sides could be raised and multiple tipis could be linked together, resulted in the Giant Hat tipi. This design went on to become the iconic Stratus 72 tipi as we know it today.


The Stratus 72 provides the ultimate in flexibility of any temporary structure. It can be pitched all sides down, all sides up, or a combination of both. It is this flexibility that enables multiple Stratus tipis to be linked in limitless configurations, creating a single covered space to meet the requirements of each individual event.

With continual refinement of joining techniques, and an almost limitless number of possible configurations, the Stratus 72 remains the cornerstone of the Nordic tipi industry.

Another product group in Tentipi’s Nordic tipi range is the Cirrus. They are a versatile range designed with ease of use as a top priority and are popular with hospitality businesses, glamping venues, educational groups and private customers.

The smallest Tentipi Event Tent is the Nimbus, it’s a simple, versatile and distinctive canopy that is perfect for a gazebo for a bar or barbecue, as a trade stand or an outside stage cover, and complements the rest of the tipi range.

With an extensive and growing customer base in the UK, including more than 70 rental companies, the wider Tentipi Family supply Tentipi Event Tents to a huge number and variety of corporate customers, festivals and public events throughout the UK.

Tentipi’s mission has always been and will always be to make the best Nordic tipis in the world. As a company it is committed to treat its customers, staff and the environment with utmost respect:

“Your foundations matter, because they influence your behaviour. I’m Swedish, born and raised deep in Lapland. Integrity, authenticity and respect are my foundations, and it’s on these foundations that we have built Tentipi.”

Bengt Grahn – Inventor of the giant linkable Nordic tipi. Founder of the Nordic tipi industry.

From English country weddings to Australian beach parties, yoga retreats in Texas to music festivals in Mauritius. From VIP areas at Festivals to corporate events in San Francisco, Tentipi Event Tents are used for an increasingly diverse range of events around the world.


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