Exposure maps complete visitor journey


A new system from Exposure Analytics, launching early 2021, will map the exhibition visitor journey not just across the room/venue, identifying hot spots, but around individual stands providing crucial, shape-shifting data to organisers and exhibitors.  

Developed before lockdown and refined over the last six months, working title People Coordinates (PC) is based on Apex 3D, the same operating system used by Exposure’s Location Occupancy tool which, anonymously, measures capacity, highlighting when a venue approaches/reaches its limit. Crucial in these times of COVID-19. 

On both platforms, cameras can be stitched together to capture any alternative ways in or out of an event for complete accuracy.

People Coordinates also tracks dwell times, creating zones in a room/across an event. Like Google Analytics for a physical space data comes in uniquely straight-ahead style, zone counting animation presented with easy view, highlighting the trends, the detail. And, crucially, PC doesn’t require anyone to be carrying mobile phones, which prevents any ‘opt out’ numbers.


“Clients were asking, ‘How do people move around my exhibition stand’?” Rob Murdoch, commercial director at Exposure Analytics, says.

“Having committed time, energy and money to its design, naturally enough they wanted proper feedback. So, we put cameras in the roof to map the numbers and the flow.”

In business since 2013, multi-award winner Exposure Analytics works with a weight of big venues, events and brands at home and abroad including Olympia London, Canon, Formula E, Philips and Amazon.

For more information email sales@exposureanalytics.com