With innovations coming from the US and Europe, there has never been more scope to be creative in your pop up stands, exhibition spaces and roadshow equipment. Event trailer expert Billy Smart from Mobile Technik gives us some inspiration for going on the road this season.

  1. Promocube

We first worked with German manufacturers Promocube in the summer and were blown away with the innovative design and the high quality feel of these pods which unfold to look more like a showroom than a temporary space. Contemporary design and the ability to tailor the pod layout simply for bigger projects means these are a really great option for brands with simple branding and minimalist design.

  1. Touring exhibitions

We’re seeing a trend in brands taking their products to core audiences and high footfall areas for their demographics with touring exhibitions in large expandable trailers. These allow quick set up and the space to do an experiential activity while also having hospitality space inside. We completed a tour last week of 13 sites in 14 days which just shows how efficiently you can get your message out in a one truck solution. Brands are also combining forces with complimentary brands and sharing the costs of a tour with pods all located in one trailer – a more compelling reason for the consumer to engage and sharing ROI at once.

  1. Interactive trailers

The integration of social media and events is complete with brands making digital integration integral to their experiences in trailers. Creating VR experiences within a simple mobile brand environment places the visitor anywhere which means you can spend the bulk of the budget on the VR experience and keep the brand activation simple and cost effective.

  1. Transparent structures

For venues with a view you can’t beat a transparent structure, both to take advantage of the vista but also to invite passersby to engage in the activity they can see going on inside. Tubbo is another German manufactured product which gives a great quality finish to its transparent environments, perfect for a cliff top site, stately home event or in the centre of a festival where you can catch the action from inside this brand environment. As its modular it can be expanded to fit more people if required.

  1. Wooden and rustic structures

In line with the growth in brand authenticity we are seeing more requests for wooden style structures and trailers which can be styled for family brands, FMCG campaigns or travel companies. The major point to think about in the creation of these is the materials needed to be portable and fast to erect, but also fire retardant and passing all the relevant tests on event sites. What looks like a cheap material from the outset can really be pricey so if this is your angle we’d recommend a modular stand build with simple materials and structures. You can be creative with a printed cardboard build if you’re happy to throw it away and start again each time or work on having a trailer base unit and then cladding elements to cress the stand to your design, rather than building the whole structure at each event.

  1. No fake grass!

Each season, there are go to textures, materials and colours which are popular with brand experiences which become ubiquitous. To stand out from the crowd you need insight into what’s happening in the market, what your competitors are doing and how you can steer away to make yourself stand out from the competition. Fake grass has had its day, copper was totally 2016 and retro styled trailers only work if it has a direct link to the brand’s heritage. Our team are at hundreds of events each month so can recommend, give insights and keep you ahead of the competition.

For more information or to send your brief to the Mobile Technik team visit http://www.mobiletechnik.co.uk/.


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