ExhibitDay officially launches


ExhibitDay, Inc. today announced the official launch of its free B2B SaaS tool to help Event Managers and Trade Show Planners manage their events and collaborate on tasks with their event teams.

The free service, available at www.ExhibitDay.com, has been in Beta since January, 2019. During the Beta period, ExhibitDay worked closely with nearly 1,000 Beta testers across a diverse group of event teams consisting of Trade Show Coordinators, Event Managers, and Exhibitors in order to develop and test its service.

Today, ExhibitDay offers a full-featured, online Trade Show Management tool for organisations that attend trade shows to showcase their products and services.

While the Premium/un-metered tier of the service offers advanced tools for management of an unlimited number of events, the service is specifically tailored for small to medium sized trade show teams who attend roughly 10-100 trade shows per year. For this segment of the market, there is currently no other tool available that is as easy-to-use, as affordable and offers as many exhibitor-centric features as ExhibitDay.


At launch, the key features offered by ExhibitDay include:

  1. Tracking and management of information about trade shows and exhibits.
  2. Tracking event attendees and their travel reservations.
  3. Management of booth reservations, booth services, and shipments.
  4. Tracking of event sponsorships, costs, and expenses.
  5. Event team collaboration via tasks and to-do lists.
  6. Coordination of event team schedules before, during, and after each trade show.
  7. Synchronisation of events, tasks, and schedules with third-party calendaring apps such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook.
  8. Event-specific and annual budgeting, fund allocation, ROI measurement, and engagement analytics.
  9. Customisations to the fields and data points tracked for each event.
  10. Granular access-control and robust user management tools.

ExhibitDay’s service is offered on a fermium basis. The Free/Lite tier offers access to all the core features of the product, but it limits the number of users in a given workspace; the Professional and Premium tiers (starting at $40/month) have less restrictions on usage and provide more advanced tools for workspace customisation, budgeting and measuring ROI.

In the upcoming months, the company plans to focus efforts on developing new features and increasing its integrations with third-party tools such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and other CRM solutions.

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