Evolution Domes Inflatable Structures prove hit for Cambridge Dinning Company.

Evolution Dome provided inflatable structures to the Cambridge Dining Company’s Christmas party portfolio for the second year in succession, with a significantly bigger brief.

As well as providing infrastructure, in the shape of two 780sq m Fluid Scarab inflatables, an entrance tunnel, Evolution Dome sourced the trackway, Heras fencing and temporary power for the project.

“In terms of the structures, one served as the bar, reception and dance floor, the other as the dining room,” Ash Austin, Director of Evolution Dome, says. “Previously as a company, we haven’t done too much turnkey but here the team worked to provide a full solution, working alongside a bunch of great suppliers.”

The Cambridge Dining Company works with a number of big corporates, AstraZeneca, Qualcomm, Domino Printing, Horizon Development and INCA Digital among them, looking after everything from bars, catering and bookings to logistics, seating plans and menus.


With clients typically seeking to wine and dine up to 850 people a night over the festive period, there’s a dearth of feasible spaces in Cambridge and with a 1m air cavity holding the heat, Evolution Dome’s structures provide a warm, workable solution.

The Structure took just two days to set up and come, which is much more efficient than standard products on the market too.

“Strange as it may seem, Cambridge doesn’t really have any large venues that can cope with events that our clients want to put on,” Dining Company’s Director, Simon Day, says.

“Demand is there for a flexible Christmas party space. Evolution Dome structures are unique in their design, their insulation and their capacity to take a theme, and they are really well received.”

The generic look this Christmas was winter garden, in greens and whites, replete with tree-lined festoon walkway. One client specified a Game of Thrones theme on top, which was an easy change to make.

Inflatable Structures are a modular system, which means you can bolt on stuff as you go, so the structures answer all the questions,” Day says in summary. “We’ll be back for more this year.”