Evolution Dome Supply BT Innovation Summit 2017

Photo: AboveAirMedia

BT Innovation 2017 saw Evolution Dome complete one of their biggest outdoor installs of the year.  Over 1500sqm of structures with flooring and carpet was used for the event in Ipswich.

The team at BT approached Evolution Dome with the idea of creating a unique space for the annual BT Innovation conference.  Having previously held the conference in a marquee, Stuart Wyse, Innovation Consultant at BT, was keen to change things and use a more contemporary and eye-catching structure.  The Evolution Dome range was perfect for this, and fit the theme of ‘innovation’ very well due to the modern design.  Stuart noted that the ‘structures were completely different to what we used last time and gave a very different and new feel to the event.’

The event was planned down to the smallest detail, with the date of 12th June being chosen by the MD to coincide with the 180th anniversary of the patent for the five-needle electric telegraph being granted to Charles Wheatstone and William Fothergill Cooke. This is a significant date in BT’s history as it is seen by many as the start of the communications industry. Just 9 years later the Electric Telegraph Company was founded from which BT is directly descended.

It was important to both BT and Evolution Dome, to uphold this attention to detail throughout the whole event.  After discussions, it was decided that the Fluid Scarab would house the main Innovation event, whilst the 24m dome and 15m inflatable cube accommodated the Robocop event.  The structures were joined together via the doorways creating a multi-room environment for the event to flow from one area to the next.


The whole install took just 2 days to complete, including flooring, carpet, glass doors and air conditioning.  Stuart Wyse and the BT team were impressed with the inflatable structures, commenting ‘Ash and the team were great to work with and delivered a fantastic service with minimum fuss. This meant I could focus on all the other things needed for the event, without having the additional worry about having the space to host everything. I would definitely use them again.’