Evessio celebrates success of PPA Awards Digital ceremony

Evessio live streamed the awards to more than 1,200 attendees across 318 companies

Pictured: Hannah Bray, Managing Director, Commercial & Events at PPA & Thomas Howie COO of Evessio

Evessio, the Event Management technology specialist which hosts and runs  a large number of awards platforms, successfully pivoted the coveted PPA Awards into a fully live ceremony last week.

The PPA (Professional Publishers Association) supports more than 200 businesses in the publishing industry and this year was the 40th anniversary of the awards.

Having worked with Evessio for two years, the team enlisted the company to turn the awards from an in-person event to a live streamed ceremony for its attendees. Evessio, along with production company White Space Creative Solutions, set to work during the global pandemic to organise everything from registration, data collection, and of course the actual awards.

The ceremony itself was a resounding success with 1,235 unique attendees from 318 different companies across the course of the streamed ceremony, with an average ‘watch time’ of 1 hour 6 minutes (the ceremony lasted 1 hour 10 minutes). The in-room ceremony usually sees around 800 attendees. The hashtag #PPAAwards was also trending (number five in the UK) on Twitter during and after the show.


Hannah Bray, Managing Director, Commercial & Events at PPA explained: “Working with the Evessio team, together with our event production partners White Space Creative Solutions, made the whole daunting experience a triumph. They worked closely with us on developing the right solution in a short period of time and the whole team worked tirelessly to make it a smooth-running success.

“None of us were expecting to have to run a digital event this time a few months ago, but having a partner like Evessio who are working towards all the same goals as us, has made the process a whole lot easier!” Thomas Howie COO of Evessio said: “It is always a honour to be part of a company’s awards but a big anniversary such as the PPA’s Awards 40 Anniversary is always just that bit more special! We were not expecting to have to pivot to digital but the PPA, White Space Creative Solutions and Evessio teams were able to adapt and deliver an exceptional digital awards show. I am also delighted with the figures for both The PPA and their sponsors, I know sponsorship of digital events is a big talking point right now and challenge for many however, done correctly can actually increase your audience attendance and sponsorship coverage. Feedback from attendees has also been extremely positive and I am so pleased of all those involved. This pandemic has made us stronger and we can offer an engaging and professional offering to our clients.”