The meetings and events industry needs to shed its fear of running out, according to Lime Venue Portfolio. With food waste growing as a major issue for event organisers and their delegates, the brand has coined the hashtag #FORO (fear of running out) to underline a new approach.

“It’s easy to understand why event organisers are so concerned about running out of food,” commented Jo Austin, sales director, Lime Venue Portfolio. “There are few things more painful than irate delegates who haven’t had their meal. However, this fear is making us do some drastic things that can end in incredible wastage of food. Over-ordering meals, doubling-up on vegetarian or vegan options, having extra gluten-free standbys, are all sensible measures to take, but often end in food being thrown away.”

Lime Venue Portfolio is working with venues and event organisers to take on #FORO and explore better ways to ensure delegates are well-fed, without unnecessary wastage. 

Jo continued, “There are lots of ways of working this through as an industry. For us, it’s about reconstructing the traditional menu so it’s not a matter of having a vegan or free-from ‘choice’ but offering a ‘carb’ or meat ‘choice’ of a predominantly plant-based menu.


“It’s also about working with delegates and being honest with them about the event’s ambition to cut-down waste, both pre-, during and post-event.”

“We’re also massive fans of getting chefs out there on the show floor, serving and cooking food and showing guests different alternatives, not just the regular meat / fish / vegetarian options,” concluded Jo. “If we take this approach, the chefs can monitor food portions, the amount of waste and adapt accordingly. In the meantime, they add theatre and authenticity to the guest experience.”

Lime Venue Portfolio is leading a series of discussions with event organisers, venues, chefs and delegates to create a pathway for the industry to reduce its wastage. This initiative is part of a wider campaign from the brand to look beyond food.  

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