Event Techonology Awards 2020 Meet the Judges: Marco Giberti


The Event Technology Awards celebrate the successful development and implimentation of technology in the events industry.

The judging panel for the awards is a stellar line-up of experts and we’d like to introduce them to you in our Meet the Judges series, this week we present Marco Giberti, Founder and CEO of Vesuvio Ventures

  • What experience can you draw upon to successfully judge the ETAs?

25+ years of event organizer with 500+ events done and 10+ years as event tech investor, advisor and board member

  • How long have you worked in the events industry and what keeps you interested in it?

More than 25 years and the excitement now is focused on events innovation and digital transformation in order to provide better and more added value to all industry stakeholders

  • Best (and worst?) moments working in the events industry?

Best is helping customers to achieve their business goals through networking, lead generation and education and learn from each industry vertical

Worst is stress around live events is pretty high and demand long hours, extensive travel and it’s also a slow adoption/innovation industry

  • Favourite piece of tech for work and personal life?

My Macbook Pro

  • What’s your go-to piece of tech when working on an event and why?

My iPhone

  • What was the last event on which you worked?

InsureTech Connect

  • From your experience, how has tech been best utilised at an event? / What’s the best way to utilise tech at an event?

Improving quality and quantity on meetings onsite

Expanding the event ROI all year long

  • We all learn from our mistakes! What was the biggest lesson you learned from a mistake since being in the industry?

Thinking that speed of change will be faster

  • What are you most looking forward to at the ETAs?

Identify innovation through talented founders and team fixing big problems with tech in the live events industry

  • What do events, such as the ETAs, mean to you? / Why is it important to recognise the achievements of tech companies?

Facilitating to tech founders the opportunity to interact with organizers, learn from their feedback and experience and continue to improve their technologies.

  • If you could only use one piece of tech when working on an event, what would that be?

A matchmaking solution that would help me to identify the right people and products where I should invest my time during the event

For more information or to enter your #eventtech visit the website www.eventtechnologyawards.co.uk or email hello@eventtechnologyawards.co.uk

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