Having processed over £70 million in event transactions for some of the leading music, sport and leisure events in Norway, TicketCo launched in the UK in January. It’s goal to make event payments quick and easy for both organisers and consumers and thanks to pioneering technology, the company has succeeded in eliminating the superfluous and time-consuming elements of event payments. No repetitive registration process for fans, no costly ticket printing or verification equipment for organisers; instead a user-friendly interface and lightning fast payment solution. TicketCo’s first client, Junkyard Golf Club, has already seen ticket sales increase by 46% and now Woking FC is also onboard, with many more in the pipeline. The company is now looking for further events to partner with as it sets the new global standard for event payments.

Imagine one payment system, that gives organisers and consumers the same level of service and ease as booking a taxi with Uber or ordering a takeaway with Deliveroo, except this one can be used for concerts, festivals, football matches any other event that requires a ticket.

This is what TicketCo offers, utilising cutting-edge technology to make every payment and registration at an event easy, from start to finish. Since launching in Norway in 2013, the company has spent the last five years creating and consolidating one of the most innovative and effective event payment systems on the planet.

Everything starts with the ticket. Consumers are assigned a QR code when they purchase a ticket online or in-app and this QR code is the only ticket they will ever need for this event and any other future event booked through the TicketCo platform.

Organisers don’t need to buy costly verification equipment when they start using TicketCo. The platform’s technology is easily compatible with Android and iOS devices and superior coding allows for super fast scanning of tickets, reducing unnecessary queues.

Prior to the event, organisers are able to advertise special deals on food, drinks, merchandise and even transport, whilst the ticket holders can upload funds to their in-app wallet to spend via their unique code during the event. No time-costly chip and pin payments, no need to count change – TicketCo allows for speedy and efficient payments and in turn happy customers.

TicketCo’s entry into the UK this year was marked by the signing of Junkyard Golf Club, the crazy golf phenomenon that operates from three sites across the UK. Since introducing the TicketCo systems into their venues, Junkyard Golf Club have processed over 10,000 tickets a week, across thousands of individual time slots. As a result, the company has also seen a rise in ticket sales by 46% in January and February compared to the same period last year along with a 63% increase in revenue.

Speaking about the partnership Junkyard Golf Club co-founder Chris Legh said “When I first met TicketCo they immediately understood the issues we’ve previously had trying to shoehorn existing ticketing systems into our needs and offered a logical solution for what we needed to achieve. We are able to set up ticket allocations in a fraction of the time to previously and also it’s sped up processing time on guest arrival significantly. Meaning shorter queuing, giving guests more time at the bar, before they start. I think the sales speak for themselves!”

Already the major supplier for the Norwegian professional league, Woking FC is now the first UK football club to bring its ticketing solutions into the future. Until now, the National League club has been a cash-only club, with one single card terminal available on match days and no direct online sales. This will now change, as the club offers both cash, card and online sales and fans’ tickets will become QR codes that can easily be stored on smartphones and then scanned at the gate on match day. TicketCo also offers the perfect solution for season tickets, assigning seat numbers, segregating home and away fans and re-validating tickets for postponed matches until the rescheduled fixture dates.

“It was a no-brainer, really”, said Woking FC’s commercial manager Jess Holmes who added: “Our goal is to recruit supporters for life, but lately we have lacked the sales tools to reach younger fans. They don’t carry around cash. They are shopping online, with their mobile phones, and we needed to be present where they are. Finally, we are”.

Carl-Erik Moberg, co-founder of TicketCo, says“TicketCo started out as a simple self-service ticketing system five years ago and since then we’ve developed a completely unique platform for absolutely any type of event payment. All of this is down to customer-driven innovation – put simply, we’ve listened and delivered on the needs of our customers. We’ve created what we consider the perfect sales tool for event organisers and very excited to be bringing this to the UK.”

TicketCo is dedicated to protecting the data of its customers. Its systems are able to host thousands of events per day and hundreds of thousands of people per event, but unlike traditional ticketing systems not a single customer detail is stored by TicketCo or shared with a third party, only the event organiser has access. With the GDPR to replace existing Data Protection laws in the UK in May, TicketCo is ahead of the game and already providing a solution.

TicketCo lends itself to every manner of event, whether it be music, sport, or a venue space.

Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.