The different types of technology available to organisers when sourcing a ticketing supplier for their events.

It’s amazing what technology can do.


With so many ticket selling options to choose from, you need to pick one that gives most value to your organisation and ensures your participants have an exceptional experience. From simplifying the checkout process to streamlining your onsite ingress, there are countless opportunities to use the right tools to ensure that your attendees and participants have a wonderful experience, forming a great relationship with your event and your brand.

Choose wisely to avoid working harder on the logistics of your event when you don’t have to.

Public Tickets

Taking customers straight through a simple checkout process and gathering essential information along the way is key. Make sure your agent offers you:

  • Mobile first: to maximise sales on all devices
  • Data capture: add names to each ticket or e.g. find out your customers’ music preferences
  • Fraud protection: will you get paid for every ticket sold? Watch out for the small print!
  • Integration: Can you insert a ticket widget into your website, so the focus stays with your brand and customers have no opportunity to be lured away to ‘similar’ events?
  • Dependent tickets: Can you restrict the purchase of child or teen tickets to adult tickets?
  • Gift Aid on donations increases your revenue by 25%
  • Customer data analysis – interactive tools and export functionality
  • Sales data direct to your phone

Green initiatives

Sustainability is often top of the agenda.

  • Working with companies like the Energy Revolution, you can offer your customer the opportunity to balance their emissions using a Carbon Calculator
  • Why not add a compulsory Bond to each ticket, refunded on site when attendees engage in recycling
  • Follow in the footsteps of Shambala and Boomtown Festivals, offering discounted entry tickets that can only be bought in conjunction with coach tickets
  • Redeem crew meals via wristbands to save printing meal tickets (see below)

Ticket delivery

Give your ticket buyers a comfortable experience by giving them the easy option of printing their ticket from home or better yet, downloading to their phone using Wallet. Digital services prevent ‘leaving the tickets at home’ and provide a convenient way to ensure a smooth landing upon arrival. Click, buy, download, and they’re on their way. At the gate, use Beacons to bring Wallet tickets to the lock screen of phones for even quicker scanning.

Crew & Artists

The more support your event crew, artists and contributors receive, the better your event is going to be. Take your event from chaos to a luxurious state of organization in which tickets, resources and meal allocations are simply distributed in advance and redeemed onsite with a tool like Eventree. Save countless hours allocating tickets out to crew and contributors (spreadsheets are a nightmare) and ensure everyone is getting fed onsite using direct scanning integration with barcoded or RFID wristbands. Best part? Only inputting information ONCE.


And we can’t forget the volunteers, the foundation of strong culture at any event. In response to the fundamental nature of volunteering, tools have developed to help reach and recruit more and more volunteers to bring your vision to life. Use an end to end application approach like Eventree to make it easy for volunteer and organiser alike to apply, pay deposits, approve, and issue tickets within a simple system. It’s the way it should be.

Wristband theft and welfare

By associating wristbands to individuals, using barcode or RFID technology, you can:

  • Eliminate wristband theft (no wristband is valid without an association to a ticket)
  • Monitor first entry and re-entry to limit amounts of alcohol brought onto site
  • Scan bands in welfare or eviction tents to alert friends and family if necessary
  • Redeem crew meals or recycling bonds straight from your wristband

Access control, hardware & networking

Ensure that your ticketing partner is self sufficient when it comes to making things work on site, even when the internet falls over or power fails.

Are scanning devices working outside e.g. checking cars, waterproof?

Do they provide you with the right tools to conduct your audit?

At TheTicketSellers, we strongly believe that, for everyone involved, the experience of putting on an event should be absolutely positive if not downright inspiring and we demand this of the tools that are used for putting on the events we’re involved with. So for whatever part of the event you’re working on, no matter the size, take a moment to ask if the tools that you are currently using are helping you achieve the best production you can. If the answer is anything less then ABSOLUTELY! it’s worth a look around at all the new tech that the event services world has to offer. For an example of some of the most cutting-edge solutions, jump over to TheTicketSellers and Eventree to discover how you can benefit from these amazing, free tools.

Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.