Copenhagen-based tech team Tame has cracked a perennial problem with its user-friendly project management tool for event teams, which it introduced to the event market in April.

An A to Z solution, Tame replaces the silo of spreadsheets, post-its, documents, data and emails event planners are typically faced with at every point of the process. As well as the square pegs subsequently adopted from other sectors that have to be used in combination with a number of others to solve a single part of the round event equation.

Funded by Nordic business angels, team Tame examined more than 1,000 event tools, talked to 200 plus organisers with the same problems and found no answer anywhere close to the surface. So the company set about developing its own solution.

As former event managers, aware of the frustration and repetition in traditional project management, the Tame system supports the process from concept to execution to evaluation, straight out of the box.

“Tame is built for collaboration and we knew it had to be so user-friendly and simple that if you invited the venue manager, or catering staff or volunteers to collaborate with you, they could get going immediately,” Co-founder and CEO, Jasenko Hadzic, says.

Landing at first time users simply register with the site and hit ‘Create event’. From there, they can start with any element, from brainstorming to adding speakers to building a programme to setting up tickets.

The model includes an engaging, customisable ticketing feature too, which can include event programme details, speakers and sponsors. It fits with the bigger picture as well, integrating with other technologies as required.

“Tame is much more than a smarter spreadsheet,” Hadzic says. “It makes the whole event planning process more intelligent. When you upload a presentation on a speaker, for instance, the presentation is also visible in the file section. When you add an expense to a speaker, Tame automatically updates your budget. When you sell tickets, Tame updates the income section.”

“Tame gives event managers and their teams a real-time, all-encompassing overview and it eliminates the boring, manual tasks that no event manager wants to do, such as updating the budget manually every time there’s a change.”

Tame is an intelligent, data-driven event-planning tool bristling with solutions and the company is still only scratching the surface of its potential. Imagine the analytics and reports it could generate, so event planners could truly capture all the data their events generate and accurately measure their ROI and watch this space.

Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.