CadmiunCD Image 1CadmiumCD Image 2CadmiumCD and Global Experience Specialists (GES) recently partnered to create an exclusive content management solution to help event planners and speakers organise, display, and promote content.

GES approached CadmiumCD mid-2014 because they were expanding their AV offerings. They wanted a software solution that would update AV components such as digital displays and session presentations instantly. At this time, CadmiumCD didn’t have a technology that did this. They did however have an easy solution to update information on mobile apps and conference websites instantly. So CadmiumCD applied this same technology to GES’ AV offerings. During this time CadmiumCD also worked to develop specialized servers that could be used to update presentation slides and session details from the speaker ready room onsite even without a strong WIFI network.

The new content management solution that the two companies have developed together allows organizers to do the following:

  1. Gather Content – All pre-conference information is collected/submitted through CadmiumCD’s Conference Harvester event management tool.
  1. Display Content – Event organizers can make real-time changes to presentations from any computer – onsite or offsite — through a network set up by GES at the conference. All changes are automatically synced to all devices connected to the network.
  1. Promote Content –Session descriptions and details, presentation slides, sponsor information and ads, and more are all instantly updated on GES digital displays and CadmiumCD eventScribe apps and products with every change.

The first event the technology was presented and used at was Solar Power International’s (SPI) 2014 Annual Conference. CadmiumCD set the digital signage software to recognise when sessions would change based on their beginning and ending times. The software displayed the proper session and speaker details for the current session along with a QR code attendees could scan to access this same information on their event apps. Upcoming sessions were also displayed on the signage so that attendees could prepare their schedules.

These digital signs paired with an event app made it possible for SPI Director of Education, Aimee Gabel, to take another step to replace cardboard signs and paper brochures. These types of changes bring conferences like SPI’s one step closer to becoming environmentally sustainable while providing a great experience to attendees.

“Attendees enjoyed how easy it was to navigate the conference and access educational materials,” says Gabel. “I was relieved that what was displayed on the digital signage changed automatically to reflect current and upcoming sessions.”

These types of instant updates are impossible with traditional print signs, and they are frustrating for planners who need to use multiple software systems to update data around their venue.

“With other digital displays, meeting planners must use different software than they use to actually manage their event,” says Michelle Wyatt, CadmiumCD CEO & Co-Founder. “But for the past decade we’ve been moving toward a completely integrated software solution that reduces the number of steps needed if certain details change.”

At SPI, CadmiumCD and GES were able to demonstrate the power of this technology. Presentation and speaker information was displayed on 40” digital displays placed outside each room. The data displayed was the same data that speakers themselves uploaded to the Conference Harvester in the days and months prior to the conference.

Senior VP of GES AV Services, Paul Wedesky recently shared his thoughts on the partnership: “GES is excited to team with CadmiumCD to offer organisers and speakers an exclusive content management solution that provides easy onsite changes while keeping attendees informed and engaged. The ability to easily manage, edit, and update speaker content and session details removes the challenges often encountered by event planners.”

Wedesky says that recent successes like the one at SPI prove the technology’s ability to extend the value of content across all types of mediums to all stakeholders including event organisers, presenters, attendees, and exhibitors.