Professionals are no longer settling for an event experience that is limited to a few event days. They long for an integration with their professional goals throughout the year. Apple recently ratified this move away from the ad-hoc nature of events and event apps, with an update of the App Store Review Guidelines. Now demanding that organisations choose a one-app solution that combines multiple event apps, keeping it in active use and making it offer continuous value.

The Society App by Conference Compass, the app provider of ESC and CIRSE, directly caters to these demands. It not only offers great value during events, but the customisable app solution lets organisations move from a single event app and beyond a multi-event app, by connecting events, journals & year-round activities on one mobile platform.

One-stop mobile portal

With their branded Society App organisations offer their members a central mobile communication channel for networking, education and more. Organisations can build, reach and activate their mobile community year-round, showcasing their assets, such as journals and courses.

Digital library

Knowledge sharing is of key importance to educational meetings and the app both saves and shares content, hosting thousands of abstracts even after an event ends. The content is searchable and associations can continuously add content, such as full papers and e-posters. This makes the Society App a digital library.

Scientific Dialogue

The 2018 change in ethical guidelines for event sponsorship asks for alternative opportunities to retain sponsor revenue. The Society App offers multiple options that facilitate the scientific dialogue that sponsors are looking for, no longer limiting them by time and space.

The new Society App comes with great service and its customisable options make it work for every society’s specific needs, turning the ad-choc investment of an event app into one that offers year-round value.


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