What Instagram has done for photos, TripAdvisor for venue reviews and YouTube for videos, REVL is aiming to do for events, and they’re well on their way.

Since REVL’s launch in January, the open aggregation system has become the UK’s largest events app, with over 46,000 venues and 227,000 events across the country. Brand partners vary hugely, and include the likes of The National Gallery, Universal Music, WeWork and BAFTA, not to mention many of the UK’s top music festivals, to whom REVL provide digital line-ups and maps, as well as video previews of events.

Signing up to the app encourages users to select areas of interest, add their favourite pubs, bars, venues, performers and galleries to PLAYlists, as well as scan their music library to discover the artists they love. REVL then keeps users up-to-date when these entities announce a new event, and recommends others based on that user’s personal interests. Users are also able to follow PLAYlists curated by brands, meaning they can check out upcoming events from Island Records, MINI and the Raindance Film Festival. Not sure what sort of events you’re looking for? REVL can also be used as a source of inspiration, with its algorithm regularly curating the most interesting upcoming events.

This all means that where other events platforms filter events purely by curation, REVL still lists the hottest upcoming gigs, vegan food markets and exhibitions, but will also have your favourite pub’s Monday night quiz and local speed dating events (one of the most popular categories in the app.

Best of all? The app is totally 100% free, and REVL’s listings are available on their website as well as in the app.


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