Glisser, the SaaS platform that makes presentations interactive and gathers data at live events, today announces that it’s been selected for the latest Microsoft London Accelerator cohort.

Glisser’s team of six people, based in London, will join nine other companies for the three-month programme, designed to provide access to expert mentors and technical guidance under the globally renowned brand.

Mike Piddock, Glisser’s Founder and CEO commented, “As Glisser is a solution that’s designed to complement and enhance PowerPoint, the opportunity to work under the Microsoft wing is a fantastic one for us. We hope to use this time to accelerate our product development and become the bridge between PowerPoint and the burgeoning event-tech industry.”

“There are twenty million meetings, events and conferences globally every year, of which two million could quickly benefit from technology, if not more. Yet less than 100,000 of them are using an app. The remainder are very likely to be using PowerPoint though – it’s just so dominant. For us, that’s the opportunity – to enhance this long tail of events by making presentations interactive and using that to gather data.”

In addition, Glisser will be adding Iain Wallace to its advisory team. Iain has spent the last three years as Head of Innovation at Lumi – one of the UK’s established audience response and meeting technology companies – and has been in the industry since 2005.

Mike Piddock commented, “When I first met Iain a few months before we launched, I thought ‘here’s a guy I want to get on our team’, so I’m really pleased he’s joining sooner than expected. It’s a great endorsement of what we’re doing, and his technical know-how and experience in taking Lumi to the United States will be invaluable.”

Iain commented, “It’s a great product, a great team, and a really exciting time to be part of the industry. Mike has done a fantastic job building the Glisser brand and when he asked me to come on board I didn’t hesitate. That was before I was aware of the Microsoft London Accelerator, which is an amazing opportunity and completely validates the potential for Glisser. I’m delighted to be getting involved at a relatively early stage in this exciting journey.”