In the wake of Apple restricting native event apps from being ‘cloned’ with a different look and feel, web-based audience response and engagement platform Glisser has revamped its white label offering.

Glisser is now available in a light and dark theme, which combined with existing customisation features such as logos and accent colours, effectively enables over 33 million variations of the product, with just a few clicks.

The results are a beautiful, clean interface that looks like the event organiser’s own product, and functions as smoothly as a native application.

Glisser founder Mike Piddock commented, “When we started out, we deliberately used lots of dark backgrounds for our audience app, because in dimmed presentation rooms it’s easier on the eyes. Since then, lots of other big-name apps, including Slack, YouTube and Twitter, have released dark themes. There’s a rumour Apple are doing the same today, so we’d like to think we were pioneers!”

“But in our latest release, we’ve actually gone the other way, and now offer both light and dark themes for our enterprise accounts. Why? Because, combined with each clients’ logo and accent colour, it allows them to create an incredibly custom-branded audience response app experience for their delegates, with just a few settings.”

“Additionally, we regularly embed the Glisser functionality into native event apps for our clients, so they get the best of both worlds. This development ensures the entire user experience is absolutely seamless.”


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