EventHub Co., Ltd., an event technology startup based in Tokyo, announced today that it is officially launching its event networking solution “EventHub”. 

“EventHub” is the first event technology solution dedicated to event networking in Japan. With a mission to “connect people at events”, EventHub allows event attendees to browse through who is around, send meeting requests, and easily schedule meetings once there is a match. The service is available on the web and as an iOS / Android app and currently comes in Japanese and English.

EventHub started in 2016 as an event app company, but upon making event apps for conferences and exhibitions, the team soon realized that there is a rise in need for efficient event networking. It soft-launched its networking-dedicated service “EventHub” in the summer of 2017 and has since worked with conferences and trade shows such as Tech Crunch Tokyo, Embedded & IoT Technology, and STS Forum. Now with the new meeting scheduling and meeting room booking functions, EventHub is officially launching the service and plans to take it to a wider audience.

While many conferences and exhibitions in Japan seek to provide attendees with business matching opportunities, there are not many solutions in place to create efficient and intentional business matching. On the other hand, the Japanese business community has recently seen a significant rise in the use of social media for business, making the general community more comfortable with forming new business relationships through digital means compared to a couple of years ago. EventHub CEO Rie Yamamoto says, “We believe that we can be the business social media for events. Events are where people with similar interests gather to build new business relationships and technology can definitely help. We hope to bring this solution to 10,000 events in the next five years in Japan and beyond.”



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