Event Technology Awards Judge’s Spotlight: Colin Rodger


As we fast approach the 2017 Event Technology Awards we catch up with one of our judges, Colin Rodger, Head of Event Management at DF Concerts.

Full Name: Colin Paul Rodger

Company: DF Concerts

Job Title: Head of Event Management and Production

With 23 years experience in the arts and entertainment industry, Colin has been responsible for the planning and delivery of DF Concerts events from small club shows right through to Scotland’s largest outdoor event – T in the Park, since its inception in 1994.

Colin is also frequently engaged as a consultant on various outdoor events across the UK and Europe by other event organisers and sponsors. His considerable experience of working with artists and their production teams, councils and their licensing departments, police forces and emergency services is second to none.

  1. How did your career lead you to your current job?

I was headhunted. I was managing a bar and venue that was very successful, I promoted our own shows and they invariably sold out. The venue was a club for 1000 people and we also had a free entry bar that was at capacity every weekend with unsigned bands & local artists, many of whom have gone on to be very successful. I also tour managed artists in the UK and America for a short period. This knowledge was my stepping stone to running my first shows at DF Concerts.

  1. What event have you been involved with recently and in what capacity?

TRNSMT – Glasgow’s new 50K metropolitan festival which ran over 3 days – I was the project manager & event manager.

  1. What type of event technology would you like to see improved or developed and why?

Greatly improved free & reliable mobile network coverage for mass gatherings of people to maximise communication with audiences. This would also help prevent batteries running down as they search for connectivity which often leaves people without working phones at the end of the night when they need it most.

  1. Is there a particular piece of event technology that has impressed or inspired you?

The new generation of free festival apps with GPS technology that allow organisers to message audiences instantly and allows customers to navigate around a festival.

  1. What technology do you think is overhyped? 

Weather apps – they are NEVER correct, especially in Scotland!

  1. What professional experiences can you draw on to judge the Event Technology Awards?

I have had 25 years in the events and festival industry operating as a gig rep, project manager and event manager.

During this time the introduction of many technological advances have been made in response to the industries needs and challenges. It was myself and others like me in similar positions that first saw the potential to use technology as a response to find solutions.

I have worked with many companies and individuals to help develop and improve the delivery of many technological innovations such as: on-site comms, broadband, Wi-Fi, CCTV, barcodes, RFID, ticket management systems; websites for customers & production companies & artists; guest list management systems, mobile phones and apps, ATMs and cashless payment systems, show stop systems, entrance communications and emergency communications systems.

  1. What are you most looking forward to as an Event Technology Awards judge?

I love technology, I love gadgets and I love problem solving…it’s a no brainer for me. I will probably find it hard to choose a winner for that reason!

  1. Name one app you cannot live without and why?

‘Find My Friends’ – i can find out where to pick up my teenage kids after a party without relying on them sending me an address or postcode which is invariably incorrect. I used to end up in the completely wrong housing estate looking very suspicious for 15 mins waiting on them until i started using this app.


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