On Thursday 9th November, suppliers and buyers from the entire spectrum of the events industry will network and celebrate at the Event Technology Awards. Here are some of the companies hoping to win one of these prestigious awards.

4. 20/20 Productions

Need to know how many of your 2,000 delegates are vegetarian or how many need transport from Leeds? Let DelegateManager™ do it for you and revolutionise the delegate registration process forever.

The tool, built by Edinburgh-based 20/20 Productions, has been shortlisted for Best Attendee Management Technology and Best Use of Technology at a Brand Event at the Event Technology Awards 2017.

Staying on top of the latest software, the online event registration system not only eliminates the stresses involved in managing delegate information but increases accessibility and accuracy of information for both event organisers and end users.

In March 2017, DelegateManager™ was utilised at a Standard Life Aberdeen all staff event which saw over 6,000 staff members invited from across 18 countries to prestigious events taking place over three days in Edinburgh and London. Focused on providing an outstanding service, the DelegateManager™ development team worked closely with Standard Life’s communications team to produce a succinct registration process that would efficiently register high volumes of delegates. As a result of using the innovative platform, the DelegateManager™ team managed to significantly increase the speed of the DelegateManager™ Check-In app, improving performance by up to 21x faster – equating to 91.8% overall attendance rate.

“DelegateManager has helped us streamline our end to end delegate management process. It has revolutionised our registration process, making it a slicker and faster experience with a more professional feel,” comments Hazel Ritchie, Standard Life Aberdeen.

This latest technology allows event organisers access to all required delegate data while having the ability to easily create and amend event sessions or venue information, all on a brand-customised interface.

Working in conjunction with the DelegateManager™ platform is the DelegateManager™ Check-In app designed to easily capture attendance for events using delegates’ iPad or iPhone mobile devices, ensuring a seamless check-in process.

DelegateManager™ Check-In app is available on iOS and Android devices from App Store and Google Play. For more information about, visit: https://delegatemanager.com/

3. Firebird Conference Systems

Firebird Conference Systems is a new event management solution with an emphasis on improving the way people interact with software.

There are lots of people, with very specific tasks, involved in an event and keeping all of them completely engaged is a huge challenge. On top of this, there are a number of business requirements that have to be met in order for the software to be viable for an organiser.

Firebird has 4 main aims:

  • Engage all users at all levels and make their tasks as easy as possible.
  • Increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Reduce the amount of administration time it takes to run a conference.
  • Provide flexible software that fits the conference not the other way round.

The conference management industry was in need of a new solution that put the users at the forefront whilst still concentrating on the goal of delivering the event. It has been clear for some time that as events have grown in size and ambition, the software has not been growing with them. The diverse nature of events now mean that no two events are ever the same. However, event management software has not evolved at the same pace. Event management software has always been off-the-shelf with little or no flexibility for organisers to define what they need. Unfortunately, it has been the software that has always dictated the way the event should be run.

Not anymore.

Not with Firebird. Firebird has been designed to engage all users, from submitters and reviewers, through to committee members and PCO’s clients. More importantly, administrators now have the tools available to them to design the workflow they actually need. Events can now be truly unique and the whole process is only limited by the imagination of the administrator and their clients. Flexibility is the keyword, and whilst there are all the classic elements of conference submission systems, there is now scope for administrators to do things their way. To customise everything to theirs, or their client’s needs – something that has not been available previously.

Conference organising is also a business. Value, ROI, administration time, efficiency, support and many other elements make up as much of the decision regarding software as it does in any industry that requires software as a service.

Firebird is a modern, flexible solution and a breath of fresh air for conference organisers everywhere.

2. SpotMe

SpotMe, the leading enterprise engagement platform, has been shortlisted for Best Event Networking Technology, Best Use of Technology for Engagement and Interaction, and Best Use of Technology for Event Analytics/Data Collection at the Event Technology Awards 2017.

With 17 years of experience and product iterations driven by fast-paced technology demands, the SpotMe platform has been powering over 4,000 events and further extends its services beyond being a mobile event app in the digital workplace. Focusing on live events, virtual and hybrid meetings, and long-term engagement, SpotMe provides enterprise solutions that empower companies to build transformative events and foster long-term engagement with customers, partners, and employees.

What makes SpotMe unlike any other event app is its uniquely flexible architecture, which enables rapid innovation while providing a secure data and business logic container for each customer.

In the category for Best Event Networking Technology, SpotMe has showcased its enhanced networking capabilities with Participant Matching. This advanced tactic facilitates meaningful introductions by recommending like-minded individuals based on specific interests a participant chooses in their profile settings. The SpotMe App generates a list of profiles where users can discover people with similar interests, session topics, roles, regions, products and more. Using a list of filtered subject experts, participants can start a conversation by leveraging SpotMe’s networking capabilities, such as instant messaging and social media integrations through platforms like LinkedIn; and establish long-lasting connections with business card exchanges and scheduling meetings directly within the app.

In the category for Best Use of Technology for Engagement and Interaction, SpotMe has pioneered engagement strategies for virtual and hybrid meetings, bringing the full SpotMe experience to all participants no matter where they are located. Introducing the Virtual and Hybrid Meeting App, while tuned into a webcast, participants can experience the SpotMe web app and engage with interactive functionalities such as live polling, Q&A, guided panel discussions, forums, and messaging.

In the category for Best Use of Technology for Event Analytics/Data Collection, SpotMe has identified the challenges organisers face when trying to make sense of the vast amount data that has been collected, and optimise the overall event experience by repositioning content and maximising exposure. Earlier this year, SpotMe introduced its all-new analytics suite, which has given clients simple recipes on how to decipher data with actionable insights. This all-in-one robust analytics suite has changed the way meeting success is quantified, helping organisations understand the most navigated app paths, identify bottlenecks and drop-off points, and apply logical feature combinations for efficient content delivery.

SpotMe is honoured to be nominated in these three categories. If you would like to learn more about SpotMe schedule a face-to-face meeting at this year’s Event Tech Live.

1. WeTrack: For when a spreadsheet or basic tasking system just isn’t enough!

WeTrack is a Project Management, Risk Management and Incident Management system designed for large events and other complex projects. Used by some of the world’s best and most innovative events, key features include:

  • Web-based: use on any device, anywhere
  • Task allocation with dependency mapping
  • Integrated risk and issue register
  • Geo-located incident logging
  • Trend detection and alerts
  • Activity feed & audit history
  • Notifications centre and automatic updates
  • Document/URL/photo storage
  • Calendar and Gantt views
  • Infographics and detailed reports
  • Full control over user permissions
  • Customised to suit you
  • Real time data availability

Your project is too important and too complicated to use basic planning tools that are unreliable and make your life harder. Become more efficient and save money, just like the events above are doing, by trying WeTrack instead.

Please get in touch for a demo.


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