Meetoo was developed for the Smartphone age by engagement technology leader Lumi. For 25 years Lumi has been driven by the idea that meetings can be transformed beyond people’s imagination with content, polling and other engagement ideas delivered on hand-held devices.

It’s been a huge year for Meetoo and the Lumi team behind it and winning the Event tech award for ‘Best use of Technology for Analytics, Data Collection and Insight’ really is the icing on the cake.

The biggest thanks, of course, go to the Meetoo customers, advocates, advisors and gurus out there. The uptake in both the Business and Education markets continues at a phenomenal pace and the feedback fantastic.

It is this relationship with our clients that we firmly believe will continue to drive the success of Meetoo. Click here to see what they’re all saying, click here.

Spokesman for PwC, Meint Waterlander, commented: “We weren’t sure what to expect with Meetoo and were surprised by how interactive and exciting it made our meetings. Meetoo enabled over 1,100 PwC employees to participate during the meeting through live polling and messaging.”

Meetoo has proved itself to be the most straightforward, easy to use engagement app there is. Just create a meeting online and share the details with your attendees. It only takes a few seconds to create a poll, and audiences can vote instantly. Attendees can also share comments, questions and ideas, making meetings more engaging and inclusive. Meetoo can be accessed on any device and is transforming meetings and learning worldwide.

CEO of Lumi, Richard Taylor, explains: “Our customers say their meetings have been transformed with Meetoo’s live polling, Q&A and moderated discussion functions. With Meetoo they have meetings that are more energetic, more involving, more democratic and ultimately more fun.”

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