Returning as a judge for the 2018 Event Technology Awards is James Morgan, Founder of Event Tech Lab.

Full Name: James Morgan

Company: Event Tech Lab

Job Title: Founder


James Morgan is the founder of Event Tech Lab; a marketing and communications incubator for Event Tech Start Ups. James is a specialist in creating and implementing B2B brand strategy, content marketing and communication campaigns and business partnerships through digital and traditional mediums.


  1. How did your career lead you to your current job?

As an events professional I have been tracking the development of the event technology sector for some time. It occurred to me some year ago that a specialist marketing and communications service for technology start ups was needed. That’s how Event Tech Lab came about. We no have over 40 partners around the globe.

  1. Which event is your favourite event to work on and why?

As a senior lecturer at the University of Westminster in the School of Architecture and Cities, I get to work on a yearly international event – the Fab Fest. It’s a festival of making for architecture students from around the world. They come over to London and create pavilions related to a theme. This year we created Digital City. Its great to see all the young creative talent out there on a global scale.

  1. What type of event technology would you like to see improved or developed and why?

I’d like to see an ‘Alexa’ event registration platform. I really find there is a lot of friction filling in so many fields of information. Alternatively, a service that holds my details that can be applied to any event registration platform – something like signing in with Facebook or Linkedin that populates all the fields required rather than the way current systems make use of social media sign up that still forces you to add in more data.

  1. Is there a particular piece of event technology that has impressed or inspired you?

Yes, and its based on biometrics. I think the security aspect of facial or other biometric recognition is an important technology.

  1. What technology do you think is overhyped?

VR as its not really an inclusive technology where face to face live experiences can collectively take advantage of. If its about a close up demo or case study to focus on detail, then that’s fine. Use it in the exhibitions industry o n a booth to ‘sell’ a product. I think AR has a better applicability to what we do in the live shared experience realm.

  1. What professional experiences can you draw on to judge the Event Technology Awards?

I judge various event and event technology awards around the world. Its something I love doing. I help with my teaching to keep up today on how professionals are advancing our industry. Being exposed to the latest developments in event design and technology around the world offers me insights into best practice and innovation that I can apply to the Event Technology Awards.

  1. What are you most looking forward to as an Event Technology Awards judge?

The look on the faces of the winners in the start up category. Ohh, and the great entertainment and free bar at the awards ceremony!

  1. Name one app you cannot live without and why?

Facebook – I’m a social animal.

The Event Technology Awards ceremony returns to Troxy on November 7, between the two days of Event Tech Live 2018.

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.