There is always room for ways and means to do things differently – better, quicker, more productively – in event technology.

The giant steps taken over the last 24 months were more closely scrutinised as people were switched from physically interacting with people to working and socialising online, but the thinking never stops.

In this supplement, Event Industry News looks around the Covid-19 corner for what is coming next, from turning tech onto tender responses to gauge risk – set your benchmarks and make better bid decisions – to the revenue, security and aftermarket sales potential from NFT tickets.

Look out too for detail about the latest events management, communication and engagement platform designed specifically for business events and a number of other firsts.

It’s all here…

1. Event Decision: To bid, or not to bid?

“Should we bid for this piece of event business or not?” is one of the decisions made by business leads that will make or break a successful year, assuming your delivery is at or above par.

Tender responses are expensive. Your creative, design and finance experts will all spend time analysing RFP requests, let alone the days and weeks spent creating and costing your brilliant response. Often however these “Go / No Go” decisions are made on gut-feel and introduce significant risk to your business.

How many agencies are bidding? What is our response cost? What is the potential return? Do we have good case-studies and experience? Do we have the time and resource to respond? Ultimately, it’s a decision steeped in risk.

For the first time a tool is available to assess and manage this risk.

PREDICT Bid, from EventDecision is available shortly. Developed using leading financial risk software and a deep understanding of the event RFP process, PREDICT Bid won’t give you a hard and fast yes or no output; your attitude for risk is yours and your alone. But PREDICT Bid will show you the risk you are taking on. You can set your benchmarks and make better bid decisions thereon.


2. ExhibitDay: Ditch the event planning emails + spreadsheets + pen-and-paper hodgepodge

Launched in 2019, ExhibitDay is a fast-growing, free, trade show planning and project management tool for exhibitors and conference sponsors. Thousands of Event managers and trade show teams use ExhibitDay every day to plan in-person and virtual events.

What separates ExhibitDay from other event planning tools is: Simplicity; take a test-drive by creating a free account and the first thing you’ll notice is the meticulous attention paid to making the tool as easy-to-use as possible. Within literally less than 30 seconds, you can create an ExhibitDay account and start planning your first event.

ExhibitDay offers a comprehensive suite of online event planning and project management tools that include event tracking, shipments, sponsorships, travel and lodging reservations; plus, to-do lists / task management, and much more. Paid subscription tiers (starting at just $40.00 / month) offer more advanced planning tools such as budgeting, ROI calculations, workspace customizations, data exports, and granular access control for your users.


3. Entegy: Self-managed, all-in-one platform

Entegy is an intuitive and easy-to-use events management, communication, and engagement platform, designed specifically for business events. The platform allows anyone to create and manage the entire event lifecycle from a single system.

Offering a range of feature sets, from websites and registration to apps, email campaigns, and badge printing, Entegy can cater to events of all types and sizes.

Central to the ease of running an event with Entegy, is a single set of live profiles and content powering all applications and functions. A new attendee has registered onsite? No problem! Instantly, you can print a badge, send emails, allow app access and engage with lead generation. A speaker has pulled out? No problem! A single change can update the website and event app. You get the picture…


4. Cadmium: End to end event & learning management

Cadmium simplifies the production of live, hybrid and virtual events and maximizes the value of online learning with a single, flexible platform designed to capture the chemistry of people, ideas, and knowledge. More than 900 content-driven organizations worldwide count on Cadmium technology for every step of event planning, delivery, and distribution.

Let’s take a closer look at Cadmium’s award-winning event management software. For most, it all begins with EdgeReg—a powerful, flexible, and simple online registration solution. EdgeReg offers unprecedented modularity for simple and complex registration needs. Built-in e-marketing features promote profitable, well-attended events.   

But what would an event be without content? Perfect for the call for papers, Cadmium’s Scorecard simplifies the collection, review, and selection of submissions. A streamlined submission system for speakers and a side-by-side review tool for decision makers makes it easy to choose the best of the best.


5. Controlled Events

All eight F50 Catamarans leave the start line during a practice race start ahead of Great Britain SailGP, Event 3, Season 2 in Plymouth, Great Britain 15 July 2021. Photo: Thomas Lovelock for SailGP. Handout image supplied by SailGP

The challenge facing Event organisers, Security and Safety teams this year arises from some unpredictable challenges. As crowds return, suppliers may struggle to meet demand for the resurgence of events with limited resources, we face risks from natural hazards such as severe weather, physical and cyber security threats and resurgent crowds. All these issues threaten to compromise the safety and viability of events and could risk the safety and security of event attendees and staff. Prepared and trained people, tested plans and resources, coupled with robust communications, incident management , proven #eventtech and effective control room operations will ensure organisers can respond and recover effectively.

From the popular visitor attractions of Dorset to COVID vaccination sites, our Push to Talk Over Cellular (POC) radio communications solution powered by 2CL has enabled remote/hybrid control operations, with a growing number of dispersed and mass participation event clients already looking now to use this technology with us to achieve wide area communications and central control this year.

Our ECR Manager platform has supported local authorities, SailGP, The Boat Race, fan parks, construction sites, mass participation & corporate events to manage information and audit trail.


6. Create, mint, and sell NFT tickets with Oveit

NFT tickets are unique digital assets that store access credentials and unique extra benefits for your attendees. With Oveit, you can easily create, mint, and sell NFT tickets at lower costs, while keeping a reduced carbon footprint. They are fundamentally changing the entire experience for both you, the event organizer, and your future attendees. Your tickets are generated and stored on the Ethereum blockchain and can offer:

New revenue streams. Your NFT tickets can give attendees access to unique physical and digital perks, opening the doors for the next level of experiences. Physical goods and digital assets can be sold together or independently. The ticket itself is a collectible NFT, but it also stores rights to other goods. Physical and digital merchandise, access credentials, future gigs, etc. You can easily tokenize the experience and allow your attendees to own their share of the event!

Improved security. With the tokenized tickets, there will be no issues related to fraud or attendee identification. The tickets are transferred into your customers’ digital wallets through 100% secure transactions verified by an eco-friendly network.


7. Livveapp – Studio-Grade Shows – Built by You

Livve is a breakthrough event technology tool, disrupting the market with a number of game-changing features, reducing production time and costs by up to 80%. Aimed at event professionals, Livve proposes a simpler and faster way to deliver engaging events without the complexity of studio productions or the lack of quality in virtual meeting apps.

Livve is an entire virtual events production suite in one browser-based app, making the bold claim that it is the world’s first 100% cloud-based, end-to-end virtual events platform, which powers studio-level shows from your web browser. With an in-built virtual switch, native Powerpoint controller and cloud-triggered media pool, Livve hosts a number of technology breakthroughs never seen before in the virtual events space.

Founded by Chris Elmitt, formerly MD at Crystal Interactive, Livve enables event professionals to take back control, running shows themselves, as opposed to outsourcing to expensive production teams. Its mission is to enable producers and managers alike to deliver world-class online shows all year for one subscription. Learn more.


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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